TAGGED by Rich Ferguson – LAUNCH today, Dec | 3rd | 2008 4pm Eastern

Target the third day of the twelfth month to take in two terrific, tremendous tricks.

Part sleight of hand, part mentalism, Rich Ferguson’s “Tagged” is a brilliant system of marking a spectator.

Ferguson has spent years developing, field-testing and perfecting this system. It is so brilliant that Ferguson was able to tag Ellusionist founder Brad Christian within seconds. Once you learn, you’ll be able to tag anyone with anything easily.

Something Rich said in his podcast interview with us is demonstrated by the above video: “I felt like teaching someone how to write on someone for no reason is stupid.” Tagged is PACKED with more than two hours of instruction on how to get the most out of this mentalist effect. As you can tell from the amount of writing he’s done in the Q&A thread, he is very passionate about this effect and crammed this DVD with several of his creations.

Remember, if you’re one of the first 50 to order Tagged on DVD, you’ll receive a copy of Daniel Garcia’s Warning and a card from a Black Tiger deck signed by Ferguson. It goes on sale at 4 p.m. today (Dec. 3).