We would like to thank everyone who came out to the iTricks Trick of the Year Final Four Fight to the Death Live Chat last night. We interviewed finalists Wayne Houchin and Rich Ferguson, the latter rode his momentum past Richard Sanders’ Extreme Burn to the promised land. For those meticulous record keepers who didn’t make it, here is how it went down…

#1 Tagged def. #4 Branded via tie break viewer vote
#3 Extreme Burn def. #2 Thread via tie break viewer vote

#1 Tagged def. #3 Extreme Burn via free for all viewer vote

Thanks to our judges: John Sturk, Bizzaro, Mike Giusti and Eric DeCamps. Also, all of the guests who stopped by including Justin Miller, Andrew Mayne and Brian Brushwood.

Thanks to Sinful from the theory11 forums for all the screen grabs.