Publisher and Genii Magazine owner Richard Kaufman has put up an almost too good to be true offer on the Genii Forum for subscribers..

Genii is now offering you the opportunity to become a Lifetime Subscriber and not only receive Genii for the rest of your life for one pay-it-now price, but also to help support this great institution in our field that has been published since 1936.

For just $1,000, those interested will get a deal on both Genii and other Genii Corporation Publishing items:

  • A Lifetime Subscription to Genii, The Conjurors’ Magazine.
  • Any books the Genii Corporation has published free of charge both in the past and the future. So, we will send you both The Vernon Touch and The Lost Notebooks of John Northern Hilliard free of charge.
  • Any books we publish in the future will also be sent to you free of charge.
  • A choice of three books from Kaufman and Company, also free of charge
  • A Lifetime Membership to the Genii Archive, the online database which allows you to access, search, save, and print out copies of Genii published between 1936 and 1998.
  • A mock-up of the cover of Genii with your photograph on it.
  • Your name will appear in each issue of Genii under a new banner of “Lifetime Subscribers and Supporters.”
  • 50 random issues of Genii published between 1936 and 1998.

This a very interesting deal from a magazine whose publisher has made no secret about the razor thin profit margins on printed products.