We don’t want to mention much about the Masked Magician series premiere airing on some network at some time tonight.

What we have heard from a Hollywood source familiar with the production of the new exposure festival is pretty disappointing. They have told iTricks that members of the Magic Castle are working on the new incarnation of the specials.

The question is, who are they? If you know, feel free to email Justin AT iTricks DOT com. Anonymity is guaranteed but we will gladly run the names of those who are a making a profit at the expense of other magicians.

  • Justin

    That punk Val Valentino is the producer of the show.

  • Michael L.

    I didn’t realize this was on until after it was over… It was listed as a special with the series premiere (the difference being whether or not the women from the network’s wrestling show are there) next week. Either way, it is interesting to see that there are no IMDB credits for the show except Valentino.

    Anyway, here is the question for me: this is the same network that runs the World Magic Awards and re-edited Masters of Illusion specials. Now that they are reviving the Masked Magician, should the only broadcast network regularly showing any kind of magic (and one that has at least explored other, more traditional magic shows) now be shunned by all magicians? What if you already have deals in place? For example (and this is a what if scenario… I don’t know what the situation is at all) what if there was already a 3 year deal to show the World Magic Awards?

  • wwe superstars

    oh.I have no idea about this thing..
    Bad bad happening.But I know that it will be okay soon.