For each episode of Mindfreak’s fourth season we will run down what went on during the show, what we knew was going to happen and some facts that may or may not be of any use to anyone. Are you ready? Click AFTER THE JUMP!


What We Saw:

• Criss relives his failed escape at the Silverton Casino.

• Criss’ brother relives Criss’ failed escape at the Silverton Casino

• Criss trains to make sure he can this time complete his escape at the Silverton Casino

• Criss attempts an escape at the Silverton Casino once again.

• Criss succeeds! …in his escape… from the aquarium… of the Silverton Casino

What We Knew:

• Last season, Criss could not complete his escape at the Silverton Casino. This was the second time during the season three filming where he could not complete an escape. The first was when he tried to escape from knots tied by Dog The Bounty Hunter.

What We Can Learn

• The Silverton Casino features live “mermaids” swimming around the same aquarium Criss escaped from.

• This was billed as a season finale, however by our count there are still some Season Four episodes shot that haven’t aired. We will get to the bottom of this.

What You Thought:

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  • Loyal_B

    ok i am hoping what I heard is a rumor… but was this Criss’ last season??? i rly hope not. he’s absolutly amazing and shouldnt b taken off of tv just bcuz of sensors…most of the crap on tv SHOULD b taken off bcuz of they’re violent n sexual content, but not MINDFREAK ppl need 2 realize he’s an ILLUSIONIST meaning most of what he does is an ILLUSION and if you hav sum idiot who doesnt have the mental capacity not 2 attempt Criss’ stunts then thats ur fault…*ok I’m done ranting*

  • Brookie

    It’s not his last season.

  • Lex Motors

    Last season? really?!! yes!!!

  • Friend in Florida

    You think there are more epis? I know we were getting 2 new shows most Wednesday nites which maybe why it seemed to go so fast. Would be sweet if there was more. Looking forward to Season 5 :)

    Silverton was really good. I liked the breathing coach guy. When I’m all stressed out that is what I need, somebody telling me “just breath”…lolol.

  • Mindfreaked

    I think they are holding back some episodes. I attended some filming that has not been shown yet…..maybe they are going to release some “lost” episodes like they did with Season 3.

  • flmom

    I’m pretty sure I read that he WILL be filming season 5. Great news! I was so happy for him when he was able to do the silverton escape.