For each episode of Mindfreak’s fourth season we will run down what went on during the show, what we knew was going to happen and some facts that may or may not be of any use to anyone. Are you ready? Click AFTER THE JUMP!

What We Saw:

Mindfreaking With The Stars

• Criss shows Ted Nugent how to do a mentalism trick with a gumball and an answering machine.

• Criss shows Carrot Top how to do a trick with a coin and then the viewer learns too.

• Criss gets fooled by Elvis Costello who performs a very sneaky card trick.

• Criss helps Anthony Michael Hall do a mentalism effect with a crayon.

• Criss makes a $1,000,000 bet with Gene Simmons in a muscle reading exercise. Who wins? A&E network synergy.


• Criss makes a child appear in a toy tunnel.

• Criss twists to the top of a salt shaker off… with his mind.

• Criss solves a Rubik’s cube and then turns it into candy for the kids.

• Criss makes two acrobats turn into his short and tall bodyguards.

• Criss turns a replica toy of his real Hummer, turn into his actual Hummer. Which kind of defeats the purpose of the toy Hummer now doesn’t it?

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What We Knew:

• Anthony Michael Hall’s mentalism trick with the crayon was previously seen on Mindfreak being taught by a child.

• Elvis Costello rules.

• The acrobat to bodyguards routine was released previous to this season.

What We Can Learn

• If you didn’t know that Elvis Costello ruled previous to this point. You could learn that.

• Before forming KISS, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley were in a band entitled Wicked Lester. They walked away from the band (and a recording contract) after the rest of the members refused to be fired.

What You Thought:

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