THE DVDThe Daily Telegraph reports today about two ex-students of the famous Eton School in the UK, Drummond Money-Coutts and Tom Lyon met at Eton where they taught each other sleight of hand behind the bike shed.

They decided in August last year to swap their thriving business putting on conjuring displays at smart London parties and head off to do some real good.

The Kipungani Schools Trust, a British-founded charity that has built six schools along the Kenyan coast, planned to build another near Mombasa. For this, the charity needed £20,000 and that’s where Lyon and Money-Coutts came in. They’d already raised £11,000 (£10,000 from investment bank Merrill Lynch and £1,000 from their mentor Uri Geller)

So, packing a video camera and a few props, they flew to Kenya and filmed an impromptu magic tour of the country. In the hope that people would buy the DVD and raise the much needed funds for the Kipungani Schools Trust.

They traveled Kenya and performed their mini-miracles wherever they went. They were chased by prostitutes, bribed to cheat in a casino and gave one man a seizure.

“At one point, we found ourselves in a park in the nether regions of Mombasa, where homeless people congregate. We did a trick for one man in which we made an orange appear under an empty cup, and of course when this chap saw this piece of lovely fresh fruit, he ate it, which is not what normally happens at parties in Knightsbridge.”

The DVD Kenyan Conjurations costs £12.50 inc p&p. Order via the website To find out more about the Kipungani Trust schools, see, or contact the trust at 9 Shalcomb Street, London, UK SW10 OHZ, 077385 64655.

  • rocco giovacchini

    this one of the greatest things i have ever heard in magic!these guy must have hearts of gold!
    anybody up for a ride on the magic school bus!:)

  • k

    take care of the problems in your own country first, misguided fools