Mike Giusti send us over a fantastic link to an article in the New Yoker – ‘The Real Work’.

On a long plane ride home to New York from Las Vegas, a man and a boy are playing with cards. Only their hands are visible to the people sitting near them, so that, as they shuffle and reshuffle and fan and deal, they seem to be engaged in a game of gin rummy that never quite begins. The hands move, first large and crabby, then small and soft, in example and imitation, and all through the night, hour after hour—while everyone else on the plane sleeps or dozes or watches DVDs on a laptop—their hands move and their voices murmur.

What they are doing is magic, and, because it is magic, it requires hour upon hour of hard work. A magician is teaching an apprentice how to do a card trick—a trick so complicated and subtle that it will, when finally shown, be almost too subtle to enjoy. It is called Twisting the Aces

It’s a seriously good article to read, get a cup of tea, biscuits and settle down for a journey into ‘The real work’ what makes a magic effect.. magical.

Image: Mark Stutzman