But sweet Georgia Brown if you missed it, you are upset with yourself today.

Big thanks to all the guests who stopped by… Andrew Mayne, Eric DeCamps, Brian Brushwood, Jonny Zavant, Danny Garcia, Doug McKenzie and Jonathan Bayme from theory11 for turning mild mannered chat into a raucous, nearly FOUR HOUR romp which was an incredible surprise.

The Cliff Notes version reads like this: We announced the launch of our new Magic Stars podcast and accidentally debuted both our new Live Chat mascot (the dinosaur) and our new Sexy Hess polo shirt. We engaged in copious magic conversation. All of the guests agreed to do Live Chats of their own and we got the final word on what Blaine plans to do for his December special… which we will report a little later.

Again, if you made it, we love you. If you didn’t, well we hope this serves as a VALUABLE lesson.

  • Jason

    well that was fun, I was confused, but it was fun

  • Troy from Las Vegas

    I was only able to make it for 20 minutes or so. I wonder if you recorded it and will somehow make it available.

  • http://www.theory11.com/ Doug

    That was awesome. :D

    Grabbed 2 pics. ;)


    Fun fun. Was not expecting it to turn out like this. That was amazing. :D


  • http://www.andster.com Andster

    Let me once again formally register my displeasure with dial-up internet. I mean, really, why is it not even available at my house? It’s 2008! I’ve met people who don’t even know what dial-up is.

    I’m going to register a complaint with every telecommunications provider I can find. Perhaps they’ll get something worked out before the next live chat.

  • http://www.imjakesamways.com Jake Samways

    C is for CRAP!
    Have one when I’m not at School.
    Dam time differences.

    Hope you all had fun.

  • Steven Bridges

    I couldn’t watch it at 3am (!!!!!!!) because i had to get up early this morning.

    Maybe a more english friendly time next time?

    The english like magic too!

    Also, youtube it please!


  • http://www.naquada.co.uk naquada

    the public says… when will the repeats run… we wanna see it over here ;)

  • Mark

    great chat justin. I had alot of fun last night. and like I said, I was the last one to leave.

  • Katy Exclamation Point

    Yeah that was a funny time last night we gotta do it agian, and i did find new quotes to add on facebook! SEXI HESS MAN and AHHHHHHH DINASOUR ATTACK! lol yeaaaa thats how we roll.

  • Code

    Dat was an awesome chat… got some answers to questions dat floated on my little head.. KT, thanks for sharin ur inspiration pic u were workin on.

  • http://www.smappdooda.com/catch/hsmum.jpg Bizzaro

    I suck for having to be working. Damn that making money thing!

  • http://allcolortattoos.com Allan

    this was really fun.

  • http://allcolortattoos.com Allan

    this was really fun.

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