MIRRORS - A FILM BY ALEX AJA - KEIFER SUTHERLANDMIRRORS is a new thriller staring Kiefer Sutherland and directed by Alex Aja. To promote the film a production company was hired to produce a featurette that could be used to promote the movie. Wanting to find someone who knew interesting things about mirror lore, and their search ended with Magician Diamond Jim Tyler, in his post over on the Genii Forum, Jim talks about how the featurette came about:

The company saw that I would be in Hollywood (working the Castle) at the same time they needed to produce their piece. I was called and we worked things out. They thought who better than a magician to deliver this. I encouraged them to shoot it at the Castle, which they did. It was a lot of fun. My first chance to see any of it was today. Apparently FOX INTERNATIONAL loved the piece and has been shipping it all over the world to promote the movie.

The featurette was shot entirely at the magic castle, and talks about of the the folk lore and legend behind mirrors, it even features some magic in the midst of the screaming..