DDA DVD gets new packaging and subtitleThe critics gave it a mixed bag. Wienstein all but sent it straight to DVD. Now Death Defying Acts has been given a packaging face lift in a an attempt to convince potential purchasers it’s a more ‘Houdini’ like experience.

Houdini Lives reports that Amazon is showing a repackaged and re-titled version for sale. Gone is Houdini’s Death Defying Acts’  and in, is just Death Defying Acts, incorporating a new subtitle of Houdini’s Secret. Also it appears the DVD will no longer be marketed under The Weinstein Company’s ‘Classics’ label.

The Amazon page still does not give a firm release date for the film, but if you sign up you’ll be among the first notified of when you can expect this title delivered to your home… whatever it’s called by then.

Here is a look at the first art courtesy of Houdini Lives.