So Implosion Day came and went… Criss survived the 4,500 tons of Spyglass Resort that came crashing down around him.

Of course, Angel is following a tradition started by the great escape artist Harry Houdini. In the early 1900s, of publicity stunts and events, Houdini escaped from jails, handcuffs, chains, ropes and straitjackets.

With his series Mindfreak series, Criss has performed a huge number of televised stunts to date. Walt Belcher over at The Tampa Tribune has put together a list of his top 10 televised stunts from all performers…

10. Criss Angel in Cement: The funky magician is shackled and placed in a plexiglass container that is sealed in wet cement and hardened into a block. Dangling over Times Square from several stories, he has 24 hours to escape before the block crashes to the ground. This successful stunt was recorded for last season’s “Mindfreak” series.

9. David Copperfield & Lady Liberty: In a 1983 CBS special, Copperfield appeared to make the Statue of Liberty disappear and then reappear. It was one of several grand illusions that made him the most famous magician of the ’80s.

8. David Copperfield Flies: How do you top the Statue of Liberty stunt? You levitate over Grand Canyon like Copperfield did in a 1984 TV special.

7. Criss Angel versus a Steamroller: For a 2005 episode, Angel stretched out on broken glass and let a steamroller roll over him.

6. David Copperfield Walled Up: In a memorable 1986 TV special, Copperfield appears to walk through the Great Wall of China.

5. Angel Skyhook: In a stomach-turning stunt, Angel is suspended a thousand feet in the air, held aloft by four fishhooks in his back. He dangles from a helicopter over the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada.

4. David Blaine Buried Alive: In 1999, Blaine is buried for seven days in a plastic box under a 3-ton water tank across from Trump Tower in New York and lives to tell about it.

3. David Blaine Frozen: Blaine tried to top himself in 2000, when he was encased in a frozen block of ice for nearly 64 hours in Times Square.

2. David Blaine Drowned: In a 2006 stunt, Blaine tried to stay a week in a water-filled sphere and came up just under two minutes short of his goal.

1. Evel Knievel’s Jump: In 1974, the late daredevil’s attempt to jump a rocket-powered motorcycle across the Snake River Canyon in Idaho was hampered when a parachute accidentally deployed on takeoff. His “skycycle” made it across the canyon, but the chute dragged him to the bottom.

So for a little light Sunday thinking… What would your all-time favorite televised stunt be?