Blackstone, the Magic Detective‘ was a 15-minute radio series which aired Sunday afternoons from October 3, 1948 until March 26, 1950. The series, starring Ed Jerome as “the world’s greatest living magician,” was based on real-life magician Harry Blackstone Sr.

The storylines usually opened with Blackstone (Jerome) telling his friends John (Ted Osborne) and Rhoda (Fran Carlon) about an experience from his past, and this mystery story was then dramatized in a flashback. At the end, Blackstone challenged the audience to find a solution to the magical mystery. Each show concluded with Blackstone outlining a trick that listeners could perform for the amusement of their friends.

The scripts were written by Walter Gibson, the ghostwriter for many of Blackstone’s books. Gibson also created EC Comics’ Blackstone the Magician Detective Fights Crime in 1947. which later was taken on by Marvel as ‘Blackstone the Magician‘ and ‘Blackstone the Magician Detective‘.

There were in total around 78 episodes, however, about two dozen have been lost over the years. have collected together probably about the most complete collection known to exist onto a single DVD

There’s something special about that crackly 40’s and 50’s radio that just takes you back..

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