We got two magic-infused performances last night on America’s Got Talent, although both may wish they took mulligan this morning.

Our recaps come from the one and only Michael Lauck…

YouTube - James Gang (Semi) - America_s Got Talent.jpgSong and dance group The James Gang, who won over the judges earlier in the competition with their unique mix of hip-hop and retro style jazz, attempted to step up their act with the addition of magic. Disappearing canes, an overly generous dose of glittery confetti and white doves were added. Unfortunately, magic is a bit harder than it looks and it went off far from smoothly. The birds were particularly difficult to integrate into the step inspired dance routine, with several obvious attempts at the necessary steals and a dove that refused to disappear marring the performance.

The judges were not impressed with the new additions to the act and all advised a return to the act’s core of singing and dancing. It is now, of course, up to America to decide if they continue to the next round.

YouTube - Shimshi - America_s Got Talent.jpgShimshi (who, along with Bruce Block, is one of two remaining magicians) was also featured and, unfortunately, also failed to wow the judges. Performing a novel jumbo card location which included a standing backflip straight out of Gymkata seemed to win over the audience but the panel, particularly Piers Morgan who questioned the wisdom of performing a card trick when given such a large stage, were neutrel at best.

Like The James Gang, his fate is now in the hands of the TV audience.

Gymkata? Wow. At a loss for words here… If you’d like to support either The James Gang or Shimshi you have to call when voting is live. Which it isn’t now. However, if you scream your support out your window it’s not going to kill anybody.

Another 10 performers give it their very best tonight.