Death Defying Acts opens in New York City and Los Angeles today, here are snippets from those paid to view and subsequently judge films by way of prose…

skitched-20080711-182920.jpgNew York Daily News- (2.5 – 5 stars) But Zeta-Jones and Pearce don’t have much chemistry, the script lacks any significant depth and the direction feels oddly uninspired. It’s hard to miss the specter of potential that haunts this film, increasingly ignored until it finally vanishes into thin air.

New York Post- (1.5 – 4 stars) Zeta-Jones, who does a nice Scottish accent, outshines Pearce, whose brash and bustling Houdini is supposed to be obsessed with his dead mother’s memory but seems more like a buffed car salesman.

Los Angeles Times- “Death Defying Acts” is far more diverting and well crafted than its promotion-free release campaign might suggest. Then again, for a film largely based on the notion that “nothing is what it seems,” such lowered expectations may actually work in its favor.

Rotten Tomatoes= 50%

Metacritic= 48 out of a 100

iTricks Sez= The reviews are a total mixed bag with most slamming to lovey-dovey romance. On the flip side, when else are you going to have a date-friendly chick flick where you can nit pick the portrayal of Houdini?

L.A. and NYC based magicians, NOW is the time to build cred with your girlfriend so NEXT week she can’t complain when you take her to the midnight showing of Dark Knight. You’re welcome.