All of these are Cirque du Soleil press photos courtesy of Robin Leach’s Luxe Life blog.








  • Katy Exclamation Point

    those r actually really pretty, i love them.

  • bettylouh

    For everybody that thinks Criss is not original,check it out!

  • http://www.JimClass.Com Jim Callahan

    So he designed these Betty?

    C’mon the guy does not even shoose what he wears.



  • Slim King

    You’ve never been to Fair Villa have you?

  • Brookie

    Well you know he didn’t design the costumes MÉRÉDITH CARON did.

  • bettylouh

    Actually,I was talking about the concept of the show,guy’s.Guess I should have clarified.

  • John Mitchell AKA Nexusmagic

    If anyone watched the fanale of “So you think you can dance.” The bunnies did a little dance as a promotion to the show.

    It is after the top 5 dance.

  • Brookie

    Oh well yeah bettylouh the concept, you know must have taken a lot of creativity.

  • Friend in Florida

    I loved the music to that dance. and btw, Criss does choose what he wants to wear. It fits his style very well.

  • AceGhatge

    Its all just hyped…
    bet its only Supernatural and Mindfreak Broadway revamped with scarier costumes.

  • Loyal_B

    I happen to think these costumes are gorgeous, and I cannot wait until beLIEve opens!

  • LoyalAnanya

    Wow, these pictures are awesome!!! I can’t wait to the day I will be able to see this show… since recently my hope is growing that this already could be next year! :-) Btw., I’ve seen the “Homage to the rabbits” and I love it, no doubt that Believe will be the best show ever!

  • Slim King

    I like how he calls everyone INCOMPETENT MAGICIANS.

  • bettylouh

    Slim,that’s an interesting comment about these pic’s.I don’t see that posted here.