This coming in from both the Las Vegas Review Journal as well as the Los Angeles Times’ Moveable Buffet blog…

Cirque du Soleil has confirmed for the Buffet this report on the Steve Friess blog that the opening of the new show “Believe” at Luxor starring Criss Angel has been delayed due to “technical difficulties.” Cirque has offered no further details. Instead of having a grand opening in September, the event has been moved to October, for now.

This is bad new for Loyals who were exclusively given the opportunity to purchase tickets for the earliest performances, which are now scrapped. Those who did have tickets for the affected shows will be given tickets to corresponding performances when the show begins.

This was also broken on Steve Friess’ blog.

We will follow up when we know more…

  • blah who cares?

    and yet the moderators on the site deleted the thread on it. Great job.

  • Mat

    Does “technical difficulties” in this case translate to “not enough stooges showed up to buy tickets?”

  • Veronica

    In reply to “blah who cares”, don’t beat up on the moderators too harshly….you know how bs travels like greased lightening. They just do as they are told, “believe” it or not.

  • blah who cares?

    I understand completely, Veronica. It’s on about 3 different websites I’ve seen thus far, and the Luxor confirmed it as well.

  • Katy Exclamation Point

    well that sux.

  • Catherine



    How professional is this???

  • J

    Can someone please call Criss and tell him he owes me $700.00 for additional airline fees and ticket prices, (they are no linger offering the discounted rate to the loyals. YEAH I’m so happy he thinks of us first.

  • Loyal



  • Mollie

    To Loyal…Who’s fault do you think it is? Of course its Criss’…all the Loyals that wanted to go to his first show are all screwed, we can’t even find good seats until the end of, so forget about his very first show. This really sucks!!!!

  • Loyal wes

    maybe since Criss is preparing for that insane “Implosion” special on Mindfreak season 4 its getting in the way of rehearsal or maybe one of the illusion in the show is not up to par yet. Criss is a perfectionist.

  • blah who cares?

    Criss officially sucks.
    I’m over it.

  • Slim King

    The props are inferior. They must be rebuilt. The planning for this was poor and the budget was not enough. Now it is late and over budget…… Just as I Predicted! Did you really believe all of the hype?

  • naxnox

    Slim King:

    Considering that Cirque has a history of show delays and being over budget, your prediction was….predictable.

    To the fans that think Criss screwed them over:

    Oh, he definitely owes you money! I mean, look what happened to me. I shelled out hundreds of dollars to a scalper for George Carlin tickets, then the guy up and dies! What an inconsiderate a**hole!
    I’m so sueing his estate…

  • Ookami

    To blah who cares?… I agree with you, though I think the few of us who were not blind to the changes were already ‘over’ Criss and his stupid ego way back when season 3 began. He became so self-absorbed with all of his new fame and glory. This is all so stupid. People are so obsessed with the man, they are totally blind to the changes in him. He went out partying all of the time, he hooked up with too many women half his age, he offered a cameo appearence on his show and prize money to none-other than some already-rich-enough sl*ts. I’m fed up with Criss and his ego.

    I am stating my opinion on the matter, do not judge me or argue with me; you cannot persuade me otherwise.

  • Mike Flanigan

    Slim and all the other naysayers… Didn’t know you guys were privy to all the inside information about the show and all the props, budget, planning, and it being Criss’ fault. All speculation on your part as usual and get some facts together before pointing fingers. Remember whenever you point a finger at someone there are 3 pointing back at you! Look within before looking outwards.

  • Mike Flanigan

    Oh, and Slim– I predict your prediction to be totally ineptuous just as you are.

  • Ez-Loyal

    Take a good look at all the advertising for the show. The middle letters of “beLIEve” always stand out. Why? Because Criss and his TV magic tricks are all total LIES!!

    Loud mouth Penn (from Penn & Teller) who claims to be friends with Criss said it best on the Chelsea Handler (sp) show… Criss is an “I Dream of Jeanie” camera trick magician.

    I bet the Luxor and Cirque are very concerned because the stage show is very dark and feels like a nightmare and will not appeal to the Mindfreak demographic of 15 year old girls.

    Criss can not perform live as he told them he could. They are learning the have to retool the show, illusions and give Criss a script to stick to before he self destructs. Cute he is, articulate and educated he is not.

    He is a puppet of the “Firm” and now of Cirque. They will delay the show as much as they have to in order to get him under control and make him look like an authentic magician. Something he hasn’t looked like in 4 years.

  • Slim King

    Preach on Brother!
    Another delay?

  • allison

    Hey, things happen, life goes on. Not everybody is perfect. So to all u so-called loyals, give Criss a break. It’s not his fault. JUST DEAL WITH IT!!!

  • blah who cares?

    I agree with you, Ookami.
    I saw the changes, but didn’t want to. But I realized my mistakes.