Remember when we said that we could neither confirm or deny that a high profile magician would have a part in the new David Mamet film Redbelt? Well thanks to the newest trailer released minutes ago we can now say for certain that Cyril will at least make an appearance.

The magician first told the audience at Magic LIVE that he was currently filming a part for Mamet. This new trailer confirms he was talking about this particular mixed martial arts thriller.

Redbelt also stars magician Ricky Jay and opens everywhere May 9th. Visit the official site here and see the trailers here. Trailer number two features Cyril.

  • Andrew Mayne

    Two seconds after that shot Cyril flicks the dice into Ricky Jay’s eye – who then attempts to skin Cyril alive with playing cards. I wouldn’t kid about something like that. I also hear Eric DeCamps makes a cameo with some crazy cups and balls action. I’ll let you figure out what that means in the martial arts world.

  • Scott Xavier

    Ouch, the stuff of legends. Mamet is a master of the con and plays…

    In the mamet world, Ricky would have faked his death to pin it on cyril who is actually being conned out of a very lucrative magic tv show contract.