Criss Angel Merlin

Criss Angel celebrated his Merlin Magician of the Year award yesterday in the lobby on the Atrium level of the Luxor. Angel is a multiple time recipient of the award, in fact, he is the only two-time back to back winner.

Unsurprisingly, the most vociferous reaction online to the news is has nothing to do with the honor but rather the wild beard which (despite rumors to the contrary) is continuing to dominate Angel’s face.

  • Mindfreaked

    Loving the Criss – Beard or no beard!! Congrats Criss!! You’re the BEST!

  • LoyalKim

    criss im so proud of u baby u are the best and yes the beard is awesome

    love u baby


  • Dustin White

    I think it’s getting very sad when Criss keeps winning the Magician of the Year award. There are many better deserving magicians out there. I will give him credit to bringing magic more into the pop culture. But the way he is doing so is poor, and should not be praised.

  • Loyal_Meg

    Oh and Criss, you look excellent with or without a beard. Because you are who you are, and it doesn’t matter how you look, how you dress, how you speak, how you act, as long as you are true to yourself, you are always beautiful !! No matter what !! GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!

    Always True

    ♥Loyal Meg♥

  • Loyal_Meg

    Oh and one more thing, I will be staying in the Luxor myself, so I am hoping that I will get to meet you, and your mother in person this July. My birthday is July 3rd so I will be coming to see you on my birthday. I do hope to meet all of you. Oh and I have something special for Dimitra. Well see you there(hopefully).GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

    Always True

    ♥Loyal Meg♥

  • LoyalJamie

    I am so proud of Cris and of being a Loyal! The man is the king of the magic world! Love you Criss!

  • Amanda

    Criss I love you, your show and the fact that you are such a accomplished magician, but pretty please SHAVE!
    Loyal with or WITHOUT th beard,
    Amanda from Jersey

  • PeteJovi

    Congratulations Criss, your achievements in Magic are remarkable. You deserve the accolades for all your hardwork and dedication to the artform over the years. You continue to inspire us all.

    Fan for life.

  • Billyjoel

    Since when did this become a fan site?

  • LoyalJamie

    And what is wrong with Criss’ fans showing some love & suport & being proud of him and his great acheivements Billyjoel? Get over it would be my advice to you. ;)

  • loyal fusionfreak

    Congrats Criss!I love you. I will still be a loyal with or without the beard keep up the hard work and dedication

  • mindgamesguy

    A little correction, and some additions, to the above: The award was presented by Tony Hassini, president of the International Magicians Society, on the Atrium level of the Luxor (not the lobby) by Tony Hassini (who can be seen in the photo above). Some fans were slow to recognize the award recipient, due to his Grizzly Adams beard.

    Angel’s mother and at least one of his brothers, JD, was on hand for the presentation. Also, Robin Leach, from “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” was present.

    Hassini also announced that Angel would be winning “The Magician of the Decade” award next year and that there would be a big party to celebrate that achievement in 2010.

    After a rather rambling acceptance speech, Angel wound up the audience, urging them to shout “Mindfreak!” for possible use on a future episode of his A&E show, which is now shooting its fourth season.

    Angel lives near the top of the pyramid-shaped Las Vegas hotel and brother JD was spotted quite a few times during the week in the Criss Angel Production Office housed in the Luxor Galleria.

    Criss himself was sighted sprinting from The Mirage about the time Cirque du Soleil’s “Love” was letting out from its 7pm performance on Friday, Feb. 15. Perhaps he was there getting some ideas or inspiration for his own Cirque show, which is scheduled to open at the Luxor later this year. It’s not known whether he made an appearance at his pal Paris Hilton’s “day late” Valentine’s party, held later that night at Club LAX, which is also in the Luxor.