Bunny Boy Collective

We’ve shown some of the odd pictures posted on Rodney Reyes’ MySpace page about his cryptic new Bunny Boy Collective site and now we have some more information. BunnyBoyCollective.com is live and features a promised start date of December 1st while a YouTube video has surfaced featuring someone plugging a new trick entitled The Rubber Band Trick of Death which he swears he learned in prison.

Check out both and let us know what you think.

  • gerry

    haha, funny video. pretty wierd.

    i don’t think thats rodney on the video, definitely someone else.

  • http://itricks.com Editor

    Ah, you’re right gerry, slip of the fingers. Corrected.

  • Vern

    Video’s down. I can’t see it?

  • http://itricks.com Editor

    Should be up now Vern