Picture 2Over at our brother site Magiczine they have the latest in free tricks, business tips, interviews and commentary. Here’s what came through this week…

Easy Coin Vanish

Easy Coin Vanish by Eddy Ray

You remove change from your pocket and pickup a nickel. Deciding to use another coin instead you place the nickel down and pick up a penny. You put the rest of the change away in your pocket and then place the penny into your empty hand. A quick snap of the fingers and the penny has vanished. Both hands are clearly empty and you can do this in short sleeves anytime and anywhere!


Airstep by Michael Kras

Clever Canadian teenage magic inventor Michael Kras is back with an impromptu self-levitation. Derek Merdinyan has kindly put it into PDF form with photos and text..

Tricky Thinking By Andrew Maynetrickyimage

This is a booklet Andrew Mayne wrote that goes through his approach to creative thinking. As the process is described several tricks are generated along the way.

It’s also a kind of scary look inside of Mayne. Be warned.

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