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There are many things that critics can criticize Penn Jillette for, but work ethic isn’t one of them. According to reports attributed to his co-host Mike Goudeau, today’s broadcast of Jillette’s radio show will be the last before it goes on “hiatus”. The grind of getting worked up to do a national broadcast and then having to fulfill commitments as a magician at the Rio and the host of a nationally televised game show as well as production, writing and hosting responsibilities for a Showtime series has worn on the even the broad shoulders of one of America’s most outspoken personalities. This is from Penn Fans.net

The Penn Jillette Radio Show will be taking a break starting this Friday.

Here is the message that Goudeau Sent to forum member Saint Mike.

“Tomorrow will be the last radio show. Scheduling problems have made it too hard to keep doing.”

“Penn thinks it’s too much work to get psyched up for the show and then calm down and then get psyched up for the evening show.”

“We’re going to change the format and be back in a couple of months.”

“The radio stations don’t like the one hour format so we’re trying to find either a show time just before the P and T evening show or a once a week 4 hour spot.”

iTricks can only hope that the hiatus will allow logistics to be sorted out and the better facilitate the show’s return and continued success as long as Penn and Goudeau want to do it.

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