In our continuing effort to give the magic community the information you need before you decide to buy a trick, we’re turning you. Yes, you the one reading this Picture 1post. As we mentioned in the most recent iTricks Magic Week in Review podcast, anyone who sends us a review of a magic trick in audio form that we use in our Magic Review section is going to get a free Andrew Mayne DVD and the best three reviews are going to get ANY ANDREW MAYNE PRODUCT you want! Any book, any effect any DVD, it’s all yours for the taking.

All you have to do is follow these three rules:

• NO NEGATIVE REVIEWS. There are enough places to find out what sucks, we only want to know about the stuff you love so other people can love it too.

• NO ANDREW MAYNE REVIEWS. Sure we all enjoy stuff like Ghost Vision and Gut Buster, but there are a million other effects out there, so let’s hear about those.

• KEEP ‘EM SHORT AND CLEAN. All submission need to be under three minutes and contain no profanity.

So how do you get your voice to iTricks? We’re glad you asked. There are three ways to do it:

1) Talk Directly To iTricks You can use our “Talk To Us” button on the ride sidebar of this very page. Just click and talk into your onboard microphone or anything else you have plugged into your computer. The clip will go directly to us and enter you automatically.

2) Send iTricks An Mp3 If you are used to recording your own stuff, just do you thing and upload it to a free file hosting site like It’s a very easy process and will give you an option of emailing a link to your newly uploaded file right on the front page. Make sure that email goes to

3) Call iTricks We set up a dedicated Skype number so you can use your home telephone to record your review. Just call (954) 603-7469 and spill the beans after the prompt.

Good luck to everyone!