Curtis Lovell to confront Blaine

Curtis Lovell, who has long challenged David Blaine to a public duel without answer will allegedly get a yes or no on Monday. According to his press release, after an interview with The Jersey Boys radio program on 101.5 FM in the New York City on Friday, the show confirmed that Blaine would be an in-studio guest on Monday. The Boys will allow Lovell to confront Blaine about the challenge at roughly 4 p.m.

In Lovell’s previous press release, he stated that he would give 1,000 toys to needy children via Toys For Tots if Blaine or Psychic John Edward answered their respective public challenges. The broadcast will be available over the internet at

  • Joe Marshall

    Why is he wanting to challenge other entertainers? I hope he does not think it will “make” him “somebody” in the public eyes. I feel most of the public will not care one bit, and find it rather annoying really.

    From my point of view I can see this as exciting and acceptable, but the general public will just see it as two magicians fighting over stupid stuff. This could give us all less credit. I hope Lovell has a master plan to make this a good thing for both magicians and the general public, if not… it will all be a bunch of unwanted noise.

    Joe Marshall
    Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Ali

    I’m going to disagree with you Joe. The fact that we’re discussing him makes him “somebody” already. If he manages to get press over it (and he already has) then it gives him leverage. He’s already seen as the guy who’s given a public challenge to Blaine and Edwards. This type of story is perfect for media coverage and you can bet that those news stories are going to get him more shows. This sort of thing is something thats a career builder. It reminds me of Banachek and the Alpha Project. That’s his claim to fame to the lay public. (Don’t think so? Check

  • Mike C.

    I agree, I have been keeping an eye on Curtis Lovell. He is starting to make a name for himself. But, I think he is doing in an unconventional way. Not sure where he is heading with all of it. I emailed him and he stated that they are working on a reality show and they are in talks but nothing is written in stone. His reality show is magic related but it will be outgoing and funny. He believes many magician will like it, but will dislike the direction and concept combination. He stated the studios are excited about it but no promises yet…. Who knows….

  • John Edwards

    I remember a few years ago, a young unknown magician was performing in New York City. He decided to submerge himself in a tank of water, which looked like a Houdini water torture cell. After an extended period of time, he vanished from the tank and appeared on the top of the tank.

    It all occurred in the Times Square window of the World Wrestling restaurant where the performer was appearing with his dark goth illusion show.

    After he vanished from the tank, and appeared on the top of the tank, he made an open challenge, claiming he could beat David Blaine and challenged him. Blaine never brought himself down to the magicians level and accepted the challenge. If someone is going to make it in this business, you should do it because of your own talent. Not because you are riding another successful performers coat tails.

    The magician who openly challenged Blaine in front of the media was Criss Angel.

    The attempt at publicity with the public challenge never worked, so Criss had to resort to his talent and demonstrate to the world how good he was by using camera trickery on a cable television series.

  • Sam .

    John Edwards,
    But look where Chris is today part of a multi million dollar production?
    Chris, Curtis and many others have put themselves out in the public eye to be spoken about. It seems like Curtis is getting some buzz…

    It seems at time magicians do not reliaze how hard it can be in the public eye for everyone to criticize as we hide behind are lovely computers. But again they chose such right?