At The Table November has a KILLER Lineup You Don’t Want to Miss!

Posted by Editor on October 23rd, 2014

Live lectures held every Wednesday at 4pm PST
Download available within 48 hours after each live lecture

Jesse Feinberg, Chris Korn, Bizzaro and Jeff Prace!

11/5 – Jesse Feinberg is a creative soul who has consulted for some of the top names in magic including the one and only Criss Angel.

11/12 – Chris Korn is a true working pro. Having had numerous TV specials including one on A&E, Chris is considered to be one of the most entertaining sleight-of-hand magicians living today.

11/19 – Bizzaro is just that. Bizarre. His creations are absolutely genius and he plans on teaching never before published effects for the first time ever, along with lessons in creativity, prop making and even electronics tinkering.

11/26 – Jeff Prace, a 20 year old prodigy who has published effects in almost every major magic periodical that is out there has a lecture planned that will have you using more than just a deck of cards.

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Amazing Johnathan’s Stunning ENTspeaks Revelation

Posted by Michael on October 23rd, 2014

John Katsilometes reports in the Las Vegas Sun that the Amazing Johnathan announced he has been given a year to live during his portion of the ENTspeaks presentation Tuesday night. He told the audience that his heart is failing.

Amazing Johnathan, also known as Johnathan Szeles, retired earlier this year officially citing ill health. He performed his final shows at the Castle this summer, but many were expecting him to return to the stage at least occasionally. Unfortunately, the situation appears to be much more serious than understood by his fans.

iTricks has no more information at this time. Doubtlessly, many magician will want to help Johnathan in some way and all we can suggest is visiting his official website and buying a book or DVD.

Gregg Blade: The Illusionist

Posted by Michael on October 22nd, 2014

We do not know much about Gregg Blade, but he has recently posted nine episodes of The Illusionist. He stars and directs the web series, which we are assuming is a school project of some sort. From the Flyers shirts and fact that he supports Union on his YouTube page we are guessing he is somewhere in the Philadelphia area. iTricks is all about supporting young magicians trying to get their start, so we are sharing his efforts with you.

The series has a few raw edges, but you have to give him credit for trying to figure out the ins and outs of TV magic. Anyone around iTricks can tell you how much work it is to create something like this and we tip our hats to him. We like that single camera shots are employed (and touted) as well as insets to remind the audience of selected cards. Also, there is a certain charm to the show… give it a chance.

If you would like to see more, you will find all nine episodes on Gregg’s YouTube page.

British TV Magic And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on October 22nd, 2014

The lead off video today is a little something from Seattle area magician Nash Fung. The YouTube description says it is something that hit him at 2:37AM… more of Nash over at his website

Dynamo has ended his TV show, but there is a new magician in his time slot: Katherine Mills starring in Mind Games. Digital Spy recently caught up with her to find out how she is different from Dynamo (other than the obvious).

Speaking of Dynamo, rumors are being reported (such as in The Mirror) that he may be in the new season of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! which apparently is still a show in the UK.

One more bit from British TV magic: The Birmingham Mail spoke with Ben Hanlin about some of the reactions he has gotten from celebs in the past.

Finally, David Casserta never actually appeared on America’s Got Talent last season, but he was in the commercials. Was that enough to boost his career? Find in his interview with The Lehigh Express Times.

Vintage Shackles [Magic on the Block]

Posted by Michael on October 22nd, 2014

DISCLAIMER: does not endorse or guarantee the following item nor have we been compensated to feature said item.

The weird thing about eBay is that it is either feast or famine. There was a dry spell there for a while and now it seems like cool stuff is popping up almost every day. Today’s item, sweet vintage shackles, is not terribly uncommon… this type of things pops up fairly often if you are looking. The reason we are bringing them to you is because they are so darn cheap! The seller states that the shackles came from an old magic store so they assume “they’re trick handcuffs” but that is certainly no guarantee they are anything but cool looking old fashioned restraints. At the time of posting the bidding is just under $12.00 with a $8.57 shipping fee.

The auction ends next Tuesday (October 28). If you want your chance to increase the bidding, visit the auction listing here.

Tony Blake’s Magic Deck [Magic on the Block]

Posted by Michael on October 21st, 2014

DISCLAIMER: does not endorse or guarantee the following item nor have we been compensated to feature said item.

It was a little before my time, but for many magicians Bill Bixby flying around and solving mysteries in The Magician is a very fond memory. It launched about 41 years ago on ABC and only ran one season, but it regularly featured the Magic Castle and had Mark Wilson as its advisor.

If you are one who was influenced by the adventures of jet setting magician/crime stopper Tony Blake, you may be interested in the this new eBay offering. Currently on the auction block is an official deck of The Magician magic cards STILL IN THE ORIGINAL PACKAGING. The cards (which look very much like TV Magic Cards to us) originally sold for $1.98, but the bidding starts at $50 (plus $10.25 shipping). It may seem a little steep, but few words in the collectable world raise a price like ORIGINAL PACKAGING.

If you want to try to add this deck to your card library, check out the auction listing here. It runs until Saturday, October 25.

Learn from the Man Who Fooled Penn & Teller

Posted by Editor on October 21st, 2014

Watch Live on October 22nd
Download available within 48 hours after the live lecture.

Nick is bringing you a lecture that you will not forget. Having authored numerous books and magic effects including, Nest of Wallets, Spooked, Pro-Flite and so much more, Nick will be showcasing his style of magic. He will also share with you his tips on how to book gigs, approaching a table or group of people, how to routine and more!

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