Rich Ferguson’s Price Is Right Prank

Posted by Michael on October 28th, 2016

Who hates shopping? Me! What could make a trip to a big retailer better? Mindreading! Thanks to Rich Ferguson, a trip to the store can now be an opportunity for an impromptu magic show~

RIP Zacherley

Posted by Michael on October 28th, 2016
565 wide 319 high

Sad news… especially right before Halloween. John Zacherle, best known as the legendary horror TV host Zacherley, has passed away. He recently turned 98.

Above is an interview with Zacherle from the team the created the documentary American Scary. You can read more about his career (which included records, film appearances and multiple television shows) on

May the Cool Ghoul rest in peace.

Copperfield Q&A, Houdini Grave And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on October 28th, 2016

The Grimm-Life Collective travels around visiting famous graves, locations of horror movies and other “grim” events. They visited the Houdini grave a few months ago and it is our lead off video today because Houdini’s grave is featured in Curbed New York’s guide to famous NYC graves.

Forbes proclaimed David Copperfield the high paid magician in the world and today they have arranged for him to hold a Q&A through their Twitter account this afternoon. Get all of the details on the Forbes website.

The Princes’ Fund is celebrating its 40th anniversary and The Mirror spoke to celebrities who go their start thanks to the charity, including Idris Alba (who isn’t a magician, but is very cool) and Dynamo.

Finally, The Telegraph ventures inside the Magic Circle with Jamie Raven.

A Few Minutes With Martin Brock

Posted by Michael on October 27th, 2016

Magician solves recycling from Martin Brock on Vimeo.

It isn’t quite Video Friday yet… but let’s ease on towards the weekend with this new clip from Martin Brock. It appears to be the finale of his show.

You can learn more about Martin on his website.

And Now: A Sleight Of Hand Break

Posted by Michael on October 27th, 2016

YouTube user Eaglewolf Magic posted this clip of his friend Jannik Görtz doing some nice card work. We couldn’t find a website for Jannik, but the Cologne based magician does have a YouTube account with a couple of videos.

Too Paid Magicians, Young Magicians And Much More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on October 27th, 2016

Today’s lead off video is from and highlights some of the magic in the new show The Magic Play, which is playing Chicago’s Goodman Theater until November 20.

Did you make Forbes‘ list of highest paid magicians? (SPOILER ALERT: No, you didn’t.) You can also read Mike Weatherford’s coverage of the Las Vegas acts topping the list on the Review-Journal website.

Chicago Reader takes a look at the secrets of the local society of magicians. They spoke with Eric Jones, Bill Cook and more.

Ben Zabin’s still in high school but he has a new monthly show, with Ken Axell, called the Secret Show that is attracting some attention. Read all about it on the CT Post site.

Speaking of young magicians, the Windsor Express website reports on the Magic Circle competitions won by 16 year old Dean Leavy.

Is the Society of American Magicians negotiating to put a museum in a Council Bluffs, Iowa? According to the The Daily Nonpareil they are looking to put a museum in a new arts and entertainment center.

And speaking of SAM, they will be holding a seance in Houdini’s former home on Halloween. Read all about it on the DNAInfo website.

Finally, the weirdest article on David Blaine you will read this year is on XO Jane. It is technically on making dark circles under your eyes disappear… and it has plenty of NSFW language.

More From The CJM’s Houdini Exhibit

Posted by Michael on October 26th, 2016

III-East Indian Needle Trick-Inside Houdini-Art and Magic from The Contemporary Jewish Museum on Vimeo.

Another clip from the Contemporary Jewish Museum, this time focusing on his famous needle trick. Once again, the segment is hosted by Joshua Jay.