Is it a Card Trick, or Mentalism?

Posted by Editor on October 30th, 2014

Sensation is a mix between a card trick and a mentalism effect. To perform this effect you’ll need just a regular deck of cards. You can even borrow one. The effect is almost self working and so you will learn it right away. At the end of the effect spectators will fell the sensation to have done all the work. Sensation is a reputation maker effect that will fit in your repertoire.

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Steve Bryant [Magic Week In Review]

Posted by Josh on October 31st, 2014

Steve Bryant, the creator of The Little Egypt Gazette and author of the upcoming book Lucas Mackenzie and the London Midnight Ghost Show, joins Michael (who has a nerdgasm over Steve’s pioneering magic website).


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Munsters Make Magic

Posted by Michael on October 31st, 2014

Today’s final Video Friday Halloween Edition offering breaks our rules (as did yesterday’s War of the Worlds post) because it exceeds the 15 or so minute time limit we normally set for our posts. It is a special day, though, and this is a special post that is just perfect for Halloween and iTricks. It is a full episode of The Munsters, which appears to have been legally posted, that follows Herman’s trials and tribulations when Eddie signs him up for the parent talent show. Herman wants to dance, and gets the enchanted shoes to do it, but has been signed up as a magician.

Even though The Munsters seemed to a constant presence on syndicated television throughout the 1970s and ’80s, there were only 70 episodes produced over two years. There was a feature film, Munster, Go Home, released shortly after the show ended in 1966, as well as a couple of made for TV films, an animated special and a syndicated second series, The Munsters Today, in the late 1980s (with a different cast).

iTricks wishes everyone a very happy Halloween and a great weekend.

Magicians, Madmen, Murder

Posted by Michael on October 31st, 2014

Terror Train is not set during Halloween. It is set during a New Year’s Eve costume party on a train, though, so it has a Halloween feel, plus there is an insane murderous slasher loose. And David Copperfield. What more could you want? The original Terror Train was directed by Roger Spottiswoode (who also did Turner and Hooch, Tomorrow Never Dies and The Sixth Day) and starred slasher movie scream queen turned yogurt pusher Jamie Lee Curtis. Did we mention that David Copperfield is in this, too? He plays the party magician who may also be a vengeful killer. Suitable for any Halloween or New Year season.

Magic, Murder, Mayhem

Posted by Michael on October 31st, 2014

What is the perfect magic related Halloween movie? How about the timeless story of a magician betrayed by another magician which results in stage illusion based murders? What if it stars Vincent Price? Could it get better? Yes: it could be in 3D.

The good news is that this film is real. Released in 1954, it co-stars Zsa Zsa’s sister Eva Gabor (the one in Green Acres) and was directed by John Brahm (who also directed the classic juvenile delinquent film Hot Rods To Hell).

NPH on AHS, Murray, Ponzi Schemes And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on October 31st, 2014

It’s the Halloween Magic Bulletin, kicking off with this footage of Greg Gleason cutting WXIN’s Angela Ganote in half. I think my favorite part is the weatherman running out for a selfie… Greg is part of the Masters of Illusion tour that is making its way across North America. More info on that here.

International Business Times reports that not only will Neil Patrick Harris make an appearance on the new season of American Horror Story, husband David Burtka will have a role as well.

Another magician is in legal trouble, according to the brokerage news site which reports nursing home magician Paul Burks has been indicted over accusations that his penny auction site is actually a Ponzi scheme.

The Las Vegas Sun’s John Katsilometes (a name I now can spell by heart) was reporting on Murray SawChuck’s final show at the Trop and mentioned that he showed clips from his new pilot Have Magic, Will Travel. Still no word on Murray’s new venue…

Video Friday Halloween Edition (NSFW)

Posted by Michael on October 31st, 2014

Happy Halloween, Merry Friday! Welcome to iTricks Video Friday Halloween Edition!

Kicking it off is the third and final of the trailers from my personal trio of films I watch every Halloween season. Versus, directed by Ryuhei Kitamura, might look like a standard gangster, escaped convict and mob hitman gun and martial arts battle royale that is not quite right for Halloween. And it is a battle royale but what the trailer artfully avoids mentioning is that this gun and sword mob grudge match takes place in the enchanted Forest of Resurrection so there are also legions of dead samurai and executed gangsters complicating matters. NICE!

The rest of the day we will not only stick with the ghoulish Halloween theme but make sure pretty much everything is also related to magic.

The Most Famous Radio Play In America

Posted by Michael on October 30th, 2014

The night before Halloween, 1938. Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater presented a radio adaptation of the HG Wells novel War Of The Worlds. The story was modernized and moved to the United States, but it was also presented with realistic sounding dramatized news reports that caught many listeners, especially those tuning in mid-broadcast, by surprise. The next day newspapers reported nationwide that a panic was caused. Of course, the radio play had been announced the week and listed in the radio schedules. The coverage may have been overblown, fueled more by newspaper concerns that they were being replaced by radio than actual facts, but it made the broadcast legendary. Other Mercury Theater notables heard in this story include Ray Collins and William Alland (who was also in Citizen Kane).

You can also download this classic from for free.

It may be of interest to some that this was not the only “horror story” presented by the Mercury Theater On The Air (which continued on as the Campbell Playhouse after the War Of The Worlds controversy the large soup company as a sponsor). Their premiere episode on July 11, 1938 featured a dramatization of Dracula, which you can listen to or download here.