Tried and Tested Material from Nathan Kranzo One on One…

Posted by Editor on March 3rd, 2015

Nathan Kranzo is a true worker in magic. Having honed his skills working resorts and going on tour, he went on to consult for Penn and Teller among others, and has had his work published in Magic Magazine, Genii Magazine, The Linking Ring and many more. In this At The Table Experience Nathan will teach you material that is tried and tested. Magic that has been worked and perfected over long periods of time. Fun, reputation making and fooling – Nathan brings it all!

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Shawn Farquhar Announces IBM Jams

Posted by Michael on March 5th, 2015

When IBM International President Shawn Farquhar was on the iTricks Magic Week in Review podcast a while back with SAM President ICE McDonald, there was talk of a cool they attended in Canada where magicians just gathered for the sake of magic. Yesterday in an email sent to International Brotherhood of Magician members, the group announced a series of such events across the United States. IBM Jams (Just About Magic) events will be one day, free gatherings for registered IBM members with performers donating their time to participate in the event. Attendees must register in advance online and have their IBM card (so I will be digging through my office this weekend). Farquhar told iTricks “Any IBM Rings anywhere in the world can offer to host an IBM JAM. We can only accommodate so many, but if the interest is high, we will do our best to produce more.”

So far IBM Jams have been announced for Atlanta and Los Angeles (both in April) as well as one in St. Louis (details to be revealed soon; your humble reporter will be attending this one). To learn more about these events and the IBM, visit the official website at

Happy Birthday Penn Jillette

Posted by Michael on March 5th, 2015

Teller’s official spokesman, juggler and Director’s Cut star Penn Jillette is celebrating with 60th birthday today. iTricks wishes him all the best!

Randi, Justin Willman, Apollo Robbins And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on March 5th, 2015

Today’s lead video is the Amazing Randi telling us why birthday boy Penn is bad from the efforts to fund the film Director’s Cut. James Randi will be streaming live on Huffington Post later today and yesterday they posted some of the best magician appearances on the site. You can check that out here and Randi live here.

Justin Willman will be starring in his own Comedy Central special, Sleight of Mouth, on April 6, according to Variety. The team behind the special includes Nerdist king Chris Hardwick and former Late Night producer Robert Morton.

The Mirror caught up with Apollo Robbins who filled them in on making Will Smith turn to shoplifting and stealing from the Secret Service. The piece is, of course, publicity for the new film Focus, but it is better than 98% of all the junket interviews typically promoting Hollywood movies!

The next Potter and Potter auction is April 4th and will feature the collection of Richard Bloch. Learn more and order or download a catalog on their website.

Rally To Protect Magicians’ IP Rights

Posted by Michael on March 4th, 2015

Kam Tesla has been attracting our attention lately, mainly with his announced plans to vanish the Eiffel Tower. He has posted this new video to raise awareness of his Million Magician March scheduled for September of next year (say what you will about the project, at least it is not a knee jerk reaction). If you are interested in learning more about the goals of the Million Magician March, which include free advertising for magicians on radio and television, visit the group’s Indiegogo project.

Greg Wilson’s Cannon Illusion

Posted by Michael on March 4th, 2015

You may recall that Greg Wilson was performing last year before every screening of Maleficent at Disney’s El Capitan Theatre. He recently posted a video of his cannon illusion taken from one of these pre-movie performances. Greg also performed at the theater before screenings of Oz The Great And Powerful in 2013. No word yet if he will be appearing before the live action Cinderella feature.

Amazing Randi Streaming Live, Amazing Johnathan UPDATED [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on March 4th, 2015

Today’s lead off video is from the Des Moines Register and covers the sale of historic eatery Suzie Q Cafe by its magician/hypnotist owner Troy Levenhagen.

The Amazing Randi documentary An Honest Liar will see wider release later this week and was featured in an article by Alan Scherstuhl in The Village Voice (which describes Randi’s beard as “Old Testament”). Thursday afternoon Randi will be streaming on Huffington Post Live with host Josh Zepps. The official page for that can be found here; it says the event will start at 3:00 but we are not sure which time zone they are using!

The Las Vegas Sun’s Robin Leach is reporting that Mac King has started delivering books to local schools as part of Nevada Reading Week in his latest column. There is some other magic news in it as well and you can read it on the Sun’s website.

Mr. Leach also reported earlier this week that The Amazing Johnathan is entertaining the staff during an extended hospital stay. His reduced circulation has forced major surgery on his feet, but wife Anastasia Synn told Leach that his heart is actually improving.

UPDATE: Magician Simon Pierro, fresh off his appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show, is schedule to appear on NBC’s Today Show tomorrow morning.