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Posted by Editor on April 21st, 2015

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Band Of Magicians Is Back, Ben Young And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on April 21st, 2015

The lead off video is of Ben Young; more on him in a moment.

Band Of Magicians is back with a new line-up. James Galea is now joined by Adam Mada, Ben Hanlin and Brett Loudermilk and will be playing the Taranaki Arts Festival in August according to the New Zealand version of Stuff.

Maryville, Tennessee’s Daily Times caught up with local performer Ben Young, the Superhero Magician, after his sudden trip to Las Vegas where he opened for Murray SawChuck. According to the article, Young met Murray at a Tennessee magic convention. When a text came in asking if he wanted to play Vegas with just two days notice, Ben Young jumped on a plane a headed for Sin City!

For all of you Val Valentino/Masked Magician fans, there is a new video on YouTube from a young lady who appears to be an ex-girlfriend promising to break her silence on Valentino.

Finally, The Express sat down with Killer Magic star Jasz Vegas to talk about the possibilities of a magician winning BGT. They mention last year’s magic favorite Darcy Oake, but not winner of AGT Mat Franco. iTricks has been wondering if magicians in other countries have learned anything from Franco’s run.

Download Dunninger Radio Collection For Free

Posted by Michael on April 20th, 2015

You are listening to a 1940′s interview with mentalist Joseph Dunninger from WLOW Norfolk, VA. It is part of a collection of Dunninger radio appearances and shows that is available to stream or download for free on the Internet Archives. There are thirteen files in all, including ten full episodes of Dunninger’s own radio show from 1944.

The files are made from 70 year old broadcasts, but as you can hear from this clip they are pretty clear.

The Other Magician On BGT Week 2

Posted by Michael on April 20th, 2015

Jeffrey Drayton is kind of a magician, kind of a ventriloquist… and kind of a nut. Simon may have X’ed him, but he was clearly laughing at the act. He is not getting the attention that Jamie Raven, the magician at the center of the recent BGT dustup, is but I would watch more of Mr. Drayton and Chantal.

Magic and Controversy On BGT, Smooshing, Friars And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on April 20th, 2015

Today’s lead off video is the Britain’s Got Talent audition of magician Jamie Raven, who gathered quite a bit of attention for impressing magic-hater Simon Cowell (see Daily Mail coverage). BGT was riding high this week after some of its highest ratings in years (TellyMix and Metro coverage). There has been a bit of negative coverage for the show, though, as accusations surfaced (Daily Star and Daily Mirror coverage) that Simon Cowell had previously seen Raven perform and scouted the magician for the show.

Magicians are one of only two classifications of people allowed to own rabbits in Queensland, Australia. According to the Cairns Post, despite recent calls for it to end, the ban will remain. Those illegally possessing bunnies face thousands of dollars in fines.

According to the Business Insider, Stanford mathematician and magician Persi Diaconis is on a quest to figure out
the amount of action required to thoroughly randomize a deck when spreading cards out, mixing them around and then squaring them. Also according to the Business Insider, this style of shuffle is called smooshing.

Boca Raton magician Gary Goodman was recently part of the local show Spotlight on the Arts, which you can see here. It runs about half an hour, so Gary had plenty of time to talk about working with celebs such as Adam Sandler and more.

Mashable had an interesting post this weekend. on the 1940′s Ohio nightclub The Catacombs, which featured a few illusions and loads of skeletons.

Finally, congratulations to Elliott Smith who will be one of precious few magicians to headline at the Friars Club next month. The Ottawa Community News recently ran this feature on Smith and the upcoming show.

As Seen on TV, Performed by UK’s TV Street Magician Troy.

Posted by Editor on April 20th, 2015

“It’s a great, it’s visual and its fun” – Troy

“The visuals on Dans effect are amazing. Slick, organic and magical. What more could you ask for?” – Peter Nardi

“Looks like a really cool piece of impromptu street style magic” – Wayne Fox

“THRU is killer! It is so organic and it fooled me big-time! I NEED THIS!” – Kevin Schaller

Daniel Bryan brings you a modern, super visual penetration of two organic objects that most people have on them every single day.

“THRU” is a very clever and deceptive piece of visual magic that can be done anywhere and for anyone. On this Project You will learn everything you need to know, on how create your very own special gimmick and how to go out and perform this stunning piece of visual TV MAGIC for the REAL WORLD leaving people in disbelief.

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A Little Something Different To End Video Friday

Posted by Michael on April 17th, 2015

LJ Clare recently posted this on her YouTube page under the title The Best Thing I Learned From A New Zealand Street Magician. It looks like the performer in question is more of a circus performer, but that is not really the point. The point is Ms. Clare’s reaction and thoughts to his busking. She gives us (all of us: buskers, other performers and fans) something to think about as we head into the weekend and rounds out today’s look at street magic nicely.

Speaking of the weekend, we hope all of you iTricksters have a great one!