Mago Angello’s Charro Act

Posted by Michael on June 23rd, 2017

The Charro Act by Mago Angello – Mexican Magic from Angello Sanchez on Vimeo.

We don’t know much about Mago Angello, except that he performs out of Mexico City. But what better way to put a cap on the week than by sitting back and watching a magic performance? Angello calls this his Charro Act (a charro is a traditional Mexican horseman and he is wearing that style of clothing) and it is a silent act, so don’t worry if your Spanish is a little rusty!

See more of Mago Angello at his official website.

Have a great, and safe, weekend everyone!

Building A Shark With Magic

Posted by Michael on June 23rd, 2017

We’ve mentioned Steve Woyce before; he presents shark themed magic to schools and libraries. If you are wondering just how that works then check out this video Steve just posted showing a volunteer help him magically build a shark during a recent performance.

You can see more of Steve at his official website.

Jorgos To Attempt New Record Next Summer

Posted by Michael on June 23rd, 2017

Digital Journal is reporting that magician Jorgos will make an attempt next summer to break the Guinness World Record for the largest crowd at a magic show when he plays the Panathenaic Theater in Greece. For more on Jorgos, visit his official website.

Dr. Magic Makes The Rounds

Posted by Michael on June 23rd, 2017

">Long Island News 12 recently ran this feature on Dr. David Elkin, also known as Dr. Magic. He uses his magic skills to help his patients have a little less scary stay in the hospital. He also founded MagicAid, a group that teaches other healthcare professionals to use magic techniques to help comfort patients.

Chipps Cooney On AGT

Posted by Michael on June 22nd, 2017

From about seven years ago (when the judges were different but still not actually from America), Chipps Cooney auditioned for America’s Got Talent. Piers Morgan was not impressed… But if you were you can see more of Chipps (including a documentary about him) on his website.

John T Sheets At McBride’s Wonderground

Posted by Michael on June 22nd, 2017

We think that this is pretty self explanatory. You can see more of John over on his YouTube page and if you are going to be in Vegas the third Thursday of any month, you may want to check out the official Wonderground site.

Magic Detective, Blaine Postpones Show And Magic On TV [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on June 22nd, 2017

First up this morning, a real life crime solving magician… No, it is not a TV show it is video supporting an article on the York Dispatch website about homicide detective and magician George Ripley.

David Blaine has had to postpone at least one live performance due to “a family bereavement.” Our thoughts our with David and hopefully he will be touring again very soon.

Chipps Cooney was the magician on Steve Harvey’s Little Big Shots Forever Young last night; hopefully we will get video of the AGT alum later.