Harry At His Finest

Posted by Michael on April 20th, 2018

There are a whole bunch of great Harry Anderson routines. Everybody always thinks of his needle through arm, which is amazing, but for my money it is The Grappler. This clip, by the way, was posted on YouTube by Meir Yedid, who was the source to get Harry’s stuff the last few years. If you are wanting a copy of Hello, Sucker or Tricks Of His Trade, well, I think they are gone… but Meir has his books and effects on his site.

Have a great, but safe, weekend everyone.

Goodbye, Harry.

Harry Anderson On Just My Show

Posted by Michael on April 20th, 2018

Harry Anderson interview / Night Court from Just My Show on Vimeo.

Just My Show is a podcast talking to some of our favorite TV stars from back in the day. In 2006 they caught up with Harry Anderson, of Night Court and Dave’s World fame. This is just a six minute excerpt, but you can hear the whole thing by checking out their iTunes feed.

Harry Anderson Talks To WBKR

Posted by Michael on April 20th, 2018

Our first Harry Anderson clip is a WBKR interview from 2015. Like most of today’s clips, it is actually an audio interview. For a really great interview with Harry specifically from a magic frame of mind, check out the stuff on Dodd Vickers’ Magic Newswire. He has over an hour (in three files) of Harry on his career, creating magic and a piece just on Ted Anneman and The Jinx.

Copperfield Trial, Spelmann, Strange Angel And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on April 20th, 2018

Today Show coverage of the David Copperfield trial leads off our day. Read more from NBC/the Associated Press via MSN, the BBC News via MSN and the Washington Post.

There are a few rumblings out there in Internetland about the new CBS Access show Strange Angel being based on a true story about magicians… it is, but not the iTricks kind of magicians. More the Aleister Crowley kind… specifically Jack Parsons who hung with Crowley and L. Ron Hubbard.

Interesting story from The Sun about the Britain’s Got Talent magician who got this season’s first Golden Buzzer; it seems that Marc Spelmann hassle anti-BGT and Simon Cowell tweets in his past!

Here’s the scoop on the rest of the day: today’s Video Friday is Harry’s day. We are going to share some clips of Harry Anderson, but probably not ones you have seen. We are going to focus on conversations with Harry instead of performance.

Matt Hollywood: Living The Impossible

Posted by Michael on April 19th, 2018

Living The Impossible Matt Hollywood from Dark City Productions on Vimeo.

Dark City Productions posted this short documentary on the life and magic of Australian illusionist Matt Hollywood.

Cotzani And Wendy’s Sword Box

Posted by Michael on April 19th, 2018

COTZANI & WENDY Presents: SWORD BOX – CAJA DE ESPADAS from Cotzani & Wendy on Vimeo.

International circus performers Cotzani and Wendy present everything from magic to traditional danger acts with whips and knife throwing. This clip features a little stage illusion with their sword box presentation.

Dynamo, Copperfield And Joshua Jay The Muse [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on April 19th, 2018
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The Niagara Falls Elvis Festival is coming up this weekend. So "Elvis" and Greg Frewin stopped by the studios of CHCH to promote the King's appearance at Greg's theater.

Today's updates to the Copperfield trial: Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Newser site and the AP through the Mercury News.

Dynamo is also in the news. He has announced his Crohn's Disease has led to arthritis, read more on the Celebretainment site, and he is working to get refugee children an education, which you can read about in the Mirror via MSN.

Finally, the Jackson Free Press talks to the author of Bluff, Michael Kardos, about how Joshua Jay inspired him.