Decibel by Adam Wilber

Posted by Editor on June 28th, 2016


Magic And TV Memorabilia Unite! [Magic On The Block]

Posted by Michael on July 26th, 2016

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Is it a magic trick? Is it a toy? Is it a cosplay prop? It is hard to say exactly what you should classify this standard magic bulb prop that has been branded with Uncle Fester from The Addams Family. The seller states that it is a vintage item from the 1960s, which makes it a crossover TV/magic collectible. The only real question about it that is bothering iTricks is that we thought Uncle Fester lit up bulbs by putting them in his mouth…

Still, if you want this for your collection is it up for auction on eBay. Bidding starts at $10 and the auction ends Monday, August 1. Check it out here if you need to add it to your magic (or Addams Family) collection.

Chaz Chase Chews up The Scenery

Posted by Michael on July 26th, 2016

Watching Johnny Carson on Antenna TV the other night and I saw an act I hadn’t seen in years. Maybe decades. This is Chaz Chase (although he is billed as Chas in this Births Pathe clip); for decades he performed his comedy eating routine, going from vaudeville to film to television. He passed away in 1983 just a few weeks after his last television appearance on Late Night With David Letterman.

MacDonald Birch, Magic Shows And AGT Surprise [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on July 26th, 2016

First up: yes it is jumpy old home movie and you might not be expecting the music (especially this early in the morning) but we are showing it for a good reason. This is footage of MacDonald Birch playing the Colon Magic Fest in 1962 from Fab Magic’s Fabulous Legends of Magic and we are showing it for a good reason. We found this story from the Morgan County Herald about Kenneth Ladd’s brick and mortar shop the Magic Corner and his Birch Theater venue.

What is going on inside a magician’s mind? Well, I’m guessing a bunch of y’all iTricksters have a pretty good idea but if you want to listen to the voices in someone else’s head for a bit, check out this recent episode of BBC Radio 4′s The Why Factor, which you can stream for free.

Speaking of the BBC, The Shropshire Star reports that a BBC TV crew is following local magician 21 year old magician Beneto shooting footage for his new show.

Finally, America’s Got Talent live shows start tonight so if you have had your fill of political convention, be sure to check in. By our count there are six magic acts (Jon Dorenbos, The Clairvoyants, Sos and Victoria, Blake Vogt, Kadan Bart Rockett and Hara) so you are sure to see one. There are also “related acts” like The Passing Zone and Ryan Stock and AmberLynn. But there is also a surprise. Steven Brundage was eliminated but is still listed on NBC’s contestant page! Looks like he is back as a wild card!

Street Magic Showdown

Posted by Michael on July 25th, 2016

You’ve got new episodes of Fool Us airing, but if you need more magic competition then get ready. David “Magic Crasher” Bonfadini and GerrysMagic are squaring off in a weekly street magic battle to see who reigns supreme (to borrow a phrase from Iron Chef). Basically, it is a game of HORSE which sees the loser of each week’s battle receive a letter and the first guy to spell MAGIC loses. Episodes should start being posted this Wednesday. Check out the YouTube pages of Magic Crasher and GerrysMagic to see how it goes.

A Little TV Magic From Indonesia

Posted by Michael on July 25th, 2016

The Go Show is a variety talent series from Fremantle Media aired in Indonesia (that appears to be completely distinct from the Got Talent series). The current season features a couple of magicians, including Teby Winsen. This is his latest performance but there are several other magic videos from Winsen and other contestants over on The Go Show YouTube page.

Forensic Mindreading, Magic Collectors In Court And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on July 25th, 2016

“Forensic mind reader” Colin Cloud is making headlines after a recent appearance on the ITV talk show Loose Women, which saw him making the embarrassing statement above after chatting with co-host Stacey Solomon. Read more in The Mirror and be sure to visit Colin’s website.

Earl Rinehart of The Columbus Dispatch breaks down a lawsuit/countersuit between Dr. Timothy Moore and Rory Feldman involving damaged reputations and fake Thurston artifacts. As you may guess, even David Copperfield figures into the story!

Finally, Hulu has ordered a new show that may be of interest. Shut Eye is about a failed magician (Jeffrey Donovan) turned conman psychic. We may have mentioned it before, but now thanks to the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette we know it premieres in December.

Behind The Scenes With Matt Johnson

Posted by Michael on July 22nd, 2016
565 wide 319 high

Earlier today we posted some behind the scenes stuff from Ryan Joyce and now we have a little more behind the scenes video, this time from Matt Johnson. He is practicing his underwater escape act and is sharing rehearsal footage. Matt is a Canadian performer (here is his website) that you may recognize from Wizard Wars.