One of the most talked about routines from Luca Volpe’s DVD “Sentimentalism”

Posted by Editor on February 12th, 2016

Now available as a single download, Emotional Drawing by Luca Volpe video DOWNLOAD.

Imagine giving the spectator the choice to draw anything on a blank business card which will be signed and lost in the middle of other business cards and then isolated in a opaque envelope.

Despite this impossible situation you will be able to reveal perfectly the spectator’s drawing!

A perfect “test condition” experiment!

To perform the routine you will only require some blank business cards and an envelope; it is very easy to set up and can be repeated immediately. Perfect for close up and stage performances.

In the explanation you will also find a bonus presentation for stage performance.

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Valentines From Rob Anderson

Posted by Michael on February 12th, 2016

We’ll close out this pre-Valentine’s Day Video Friday with last year’s Valentine’s Day video from Rob Anderson. Have a great Valentine’s Day and, while you are at it, roll on into a sweet President’s Day in you are in the US.

No matter what you are doing, stay safe and have fun!

Justin WIllman Visits Bob and Tom

Posted by Michael on February 12th, 2016

This video of Justin Willman on the Bob and Tom Show is from October, but we missed it…. maybe because we had no there was still a Bob and Tom Show. Morning radio is so, well, in the morning. Do people actually get up and listen to the radio? I guess they do… while they are stuck in morning rush hour traffic and stuff. That is not how we live life ’round iTricks Tower Midwest!

Someone Please Be Steven Bridges’ Valentine

Posted by Michael on February 12th, 2016

According to Steven Bridges, he is deliberately being awkward in this video that shows how he would be on a blind date. We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on that… It is part of a Valentine’s Day project put together by Evan Edinger that allows people to find their “YouTube Valentine.”

New Book, New Digital Media And More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on February 12th, 2016

From the CT Style website comes this clip of Connecticut native and magician Brian Miller visiting their studios to talk about overcoming social anxieties to become a motivational speaker and performer. More about Brian over on his website.

Broadway World is reporting that Justin Flom will be appearing on NBC’s Today Show next Tuesday to promote the book he wrote with his father and aunt, Adventures Of A Kid Magician.

According to Variety, Collins Key is among the “digital influencers” selected by AT&T to develop content in the form of social media driven programs. No word on Collins’ project yet.

Finally, it has been ruled that the man arrested recently near San Diego is Frank John Selas, the former TV magician wanted for child abuse in Louisiana. More on the KFMB CBS 8 website.

Liar Suchard In Brisbane

Posted by Michael on February 11th, 2016

It is hard to keep track of where Lior Suchard is at any given time… This new video is of him performing in Brisbane in the studios of 4KQ. You don’t have to be a master mentalist to track Lior, though; just visit his website.

“Brilliant in and out of box thinking. A winner!” -Marc Salem

Posted by Editor on February 11th, 2016


Know what someone has written or drawn WITHOUT touching OR seeing the spectator’s note/picture.

When you see the STEAM 2.0 method, you’ll need a moment of astonished silence to take in the sheer steamy beauty of the ingenious secret.


STEAM 2.0 comes complete with plenty of steamy new presentations.

Very Easy to do. STEAM 2.0 is basically self-working.

No carbon copies. No electronics.

Special blank business card stock stays completely blank on the back after writing.

No one can see through the back of the card.

You never have to “peek” the card.

Turn your back to the spectator or be out of the room while she writes and covers her word.

5 second reset.

Adapt to your own Sharpie.

Completely self contained.

Nothing to secretly load, switch or ditch.

Everything can be examined.

Enough for 100 performances.

You even get Two (2) Fortune Telling Fish for the Steamed Red Herring presentation.

Refill packs coming in the near future.

Preorder yours now.

Available February 18th at your favorite Murphy’s Magic retailer including:

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