“This is one of the most versatile close-up magic props I’ve ever created…” – Jay Sankey

Posted by Editor on July 28th, 2014

Flatline by Jay Sankey

Comes complete with:

· 56-minute instructional DVD
· Very special Sharpie brand marker (each hand-crafted by world famous magic maker Roy Kueppers)
· Matching Sharpie brand marker

The instructional DVD features a variety of presentations with borrowed dollar bills, playing cards, paper napkins, business cards and more!

A show-stopping ‘Card Stab’ routine is also included, with two spectators discovering they are thinking of THE SAME CARD!



Monday Magic Bulletin Two: Electric Bugaloo [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on July 28th, 2014

There really was a good deal of news this weekend, so we decided to split it into two parts, so this is not a sequel so much as a continuation… like how they split The Godfather into two movies.

First up is new of the Choo Mantar 2014 convention in India. The Economic Times sent an unnamed reporter to the event, who spoke with magic Academy president Samala Venu, who opined that magicians should get bus passes when asked what type of support he felt the field needed.

Running up top is Indian magician Gowtham Shola’s take on the magical transformation of money for the homeless videos. You can read more about it at NDTV.com.

The Vancouver Sun had a nice piece on Trevor and Lorena Watters, who are fresh off their competition win at the IBM/SAM and are heading to compete at FISM next year. iTricks would love to interview the Watters, too, as their act was a highlight of the convention, but they never responded to our interview request… But the offer still stands.

The London Evening Standard had interview Troy Von Scheibner about his new gig as a model. The English magician, who starred in his own TV show earlier this year, was featured in photographs for the French Connection Fall/Winter line and says magic has had some low points “But keeping it in the 21st century, keeping it current, it’s making magic more cool.”

Finally, The Beverly Hills Courier is reporting that a magician who performs under the name Magic Joe is suing a photographer after an attempt to shoot the magician on fire went horribly wrong in 2012. We hope Magic Joe has recovered from his burns and would like to remind everyone (once again) that playing with fire takes training and requires serious safety measures!

Free Book, Magic On TV And New Magic Website [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on July 28th, 2014

First up, a correction. We reported last week that both David and Leeman and Mat Franco would be on this week’s live America’s Got Talent, but it looks like we got our wired crossed and only David and Leeman will be in this week’s group. Maybe one magic act a week will actually help magic get through to the next level. Running above, in case you have not noticed, is David and Leeman’s demo reel.

Speaking of magic on television, do not forget that US viewers will be their first look at Penn and Teller’s Fool Us this Wednesday on the CW. Then Friday the CW premieres their version of Masters of Illusion (now in a 30 minute format). Check your local listings for each show.

This week’s free PDF offering from the Conjuring Arts Research Center Summer Reading Club is Cremer’s The Secret Is Out or 1000 Tricks With Cards. Originally published way back in 1859, this book gives today’s magicians a look at card magic from back in the day when faro was a common game and not just a shuffle. Remember, it is only available for free until Sunday when the next book will be offered.

Speaking of the Conjuring Arts Research Center, they are involved in a new website called Conjuring Credits. It is a free, wiki dedicated to tying props, sleights and effects to their originators. It is a young wiki, so there are only a few articles so far but it should grow quickly.

Alex Ramon [Magic Week in Review]

Posted by Josh on July 25th, 2014

Alex Ramon visits the iTricks Magic Week in Review to talk about his new tour, working for Ringling Brothers and more.


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Michael Hickox: Lego Magic Show

Posted by Michael on July 25th, 2014

Lego and magic, what could be better? A fun take on the familiar “revenge on the magician theme,” but a pretty cool one from Michael Hickox. We probably should warn you that there is Lego nudity…

That is it for another Video Friday and, as always, whether the next couple of days are dedicated to barbecue and couch naps or a full slate of performances, have a magical weekend!

Looking For Classical Magic And Found This…

Posted by Michael on July 25th, 2014

We here are at the iTricks Corporation, Inc. Video Friday Division thought it would be pretty sweet to dig up some old, forgotten footage of a vaudeville era magician sawing an assistant in half. What we found instead was this Steve Wyrick video titled “Hooters Girl Dismembered.”

How are you NOT going to watch that?

Then we found this version, which is a little longer and shows the complete effect. This is from the Annual Miss Hooter International Swimsuit Pageant and was posted by Steve on his YouTube page earlier this year.

The Magician’s Apprentice From The Sony Professional Series

Posted by Michael on July 25th, 2014

This week’s Video Friday does not really have a theme, so it is a bit of a grab bag. This video is from the Sony Professional series of short films which helps to highlight features of various pieces of high end Sony video equipment. The Magician’s Apprentice, by Phillip Bloom, highlights a magic trick created by magician Dean and his son. Our only complaint about the piece, which we assume to be a documentary, is that it never seems to properly identify Dean the magician! If you are interested in the technical aspects of the film there is a behind the scenes look at the film on the Sony UK website.