Sacred Riana Is Miss Halloween

Posted by Michael on October 28th, 2020

Need a go to Halloween magician? The Sacred Riana, the only magician we can think of with her own horror movie*, is an obvious choice. This is her Asia’s Got Talent finals performance from 2017, which led to her taking the title.

*Yeah, we recently featured some horror movies with magicians in the cast or about magicians, but who else had a film written around their stage persona?

Keith Barry Gives Ellen Halloween Chills

Posted by Michael on October 28th, 2020

Keith Barry made a virtual trick or treat stop by the Ellen Show yesterday to help the talk show host celebrate Halloween.

New Magic TV Series, Teller and More [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on October 28th, 2020

TruTV has announced a new show: Big Trick Energy starring Wes Barker, Alex Boyer, Eric Leclerc and Chris Ramsay. You can read more about the new show on Deadline and, of course, watch the preview above.

Teller is teaming with the Chicago Shakespeare Theater for their Halloween Shakesfear program… read more from the Chicago Tribune via MSN.

Finally, some sad news out of Champaign, Illinois: according to the News-Gazette Dallas and Company, the costume company, will be closing after this Halloween and liquidating its inventory later this year.

Dan Sperry: Halloween Magic

Posted by Michael on October 27th, 2020

You know who just screams Halloween magic every day of the year? Dan Sperry… and a couple of years ago he even made an appearance to do a little halloween magic on the ill fated Megyn Kelly Today.

Maybe A Little Halloween Comedy?

Posted by Michael on October 27th, 2020

If our scary and gory Halloween movie picks are not for you, perhaps the 1989 comedy Penn And Teller Get Killed is more your speed… You can find it on DVD from the Warner Archives but we are pretty sure it isn’t streaming anywhere!

And with this we are officially ending our suggestions for Halloween movies and pivoting to some of our favorite Halloween magicians!

Paul Draper On Good Things Utah

Posted by Michael on October 27th, 2020

Paul Draper visited the Good Things Utah studio yesterday and you can see even more here.

The Smithsonian Magazine has a piece on plans to induct Harry Houdini and David Copperfield into the National Museum of American Jewish Heritage in December.

Finally, Baking Business has a Ken Klosterman obituary, which focuses more on his baking industry achievements than magic (as you may expect).

NSFW Wizard Of Gore Extended Trailer

Posted by Michael on October 26th, 2020

The extended trailer for Herschell Gordon Lewis’ classic splatter film The Wizard Of Gore, another Halloween treat for the magic fan. This film tells the story of Montag the Magnificent, whose torturous experiments are merely tricks on stage… but later lead to his stage volunteers’ horrible deaths. Originally released in 1970, it was remade in 2007 with Crispin Glover.