Alex Pandrea At The Table

Posted by Editor on April 24th, 2014

Live May 7th, 2014
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Alex Pandrea has surged to the cutting edge of sleight of hand magic, and we’re pleased to welcome him to our At the Table series.

In a unique format, we’ll explore the three facets of Alex’s career.

He began performing close-up at restaurants, where his material had to be quick, visual, and perfect for small groups. That evolved as Alex became immersed in the New York magic scene, where he expressed his sleight of hand and “move monkey” zen.

Finally, Alex’s venue has shifted again to more formal performance, for use in more stand-up settings.
We’ll explore EACH of these aspects of Alex’s magic, in three sections of an exciting and jam-packed At the Table live event.


Darcy Oake Busted? Or Not… We’re Confused

Posted by Michael on April 24th, 2014

We are not sure if this is a joke or what exactly. It is Masked Magician style exposure, you know, trying to target and out specific acts… if you trade the Masked Magician for cartoons that seem to be made with MS Paint. It this was a one off we’d think it a joke but this user, auteurAM has literally dozens of videos like this explaining all sorts of popular TV magic performances.

What we really do not get is why? Why do this? The videos do not seem to have any ads embedded, to the user is not “cashing in.” So why? Just to feel smart or what? And even a bigger question is begging to be asked: why do people watch? A couple of thousand people actually subscribe to auteurAM’s YouTube channel. It is not quite funny but not really that informative.

Are we missing something?

Ovation Features The Art Of: Magic Sunday

Posted by Michael on April 24th, 2014

This Sunday (April 27th) the cable/satellite network Ovation will be premiering an episode of The Art Of featuring magic. The series covers the work of non-traditional artists, such as burlesque dancers, brewers, hair sculptors and it appears magic falls in to this genre as well. This clip features Curtis Lovell and another preview on the Ovation YouTube channel focuses on Misty Lee.

You may need to check local listings but it appears that The Art Of: Magic will air at 7:30 Eastern Sunday with repeats during the week.

Starting Off The Morning With Real Magic

Posted by Michael on April 24th, 2014

This little guy is only identified as Griff and he has a real, working magic wand. We found this video after seeing a similar one making the rounds lately. Yeah, it is cute and adorable and all that stuff but more magicians it should be a little something more: an example of an audience completely buying in to the magic. Sure, Griff is pretty little and probably still believes in things like the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Superman and monsters under the bed in addition to the power of his magic wand. But maybe that is what people want (or even need) to connect with when they go to a magic performance.

Maybe we all have a Griff inside of us, hoping to find that pure joy in real magic again… if that is the case then it is our job as magicians to figure out how to turn the remote into a magic wand.

Gabe Fajuri [Magic Week in Review]

Posted by Josh on April 23rd, 2014
In a special podcast (the second in less than a week) Gabe Fajuri from Potter and Potter Auctions joins Michael to talk about collecting magic through auctions and the collection being offered this Saturday, April 26.

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TJ Shoesmith At The Castle

Posted by Michael on April 23rd, 2014

British magician TJ Shoesmith was an actor and even a paramedic before dedicating himself to magic full time in 2001. The Gold Star Inner Magic Circle member recently posted this clip of himself performing at the world famous Magic Castle. We can’t exactly blame him; it’s a pretty big deal! You can learn more about TJ and see more videos at his website.

Updates, Updates, Updates! [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on April 23rd, 2014

We mentioned Tommy Wind’s 300th show the other day; since then Robin Leach reported in the Las Vegas Sun that Wind also is also developing a new reality TV show. The story is short on important details, though, such as when or where it may air.

In another update, the Canadian illusionist whose Britain’s Got Talent performance has taken the Internet by storm, Darcy Oake (his promo above, by the way, is a couple of years old so tickets probably are not available anymore) finds himself in the center of another storm. Apparently many Brits are upset that the competition has several foreign contestants. One of the other breakout performers, 79 year old salsa dancer Paddy Jones, is British but has lived in Spain for over a decade. She has not only won a major TV talent show in Spain, she also competed on an Argentinian dance show. The backlash may hurt both contestants, although Jones was selected to go straight through to the semi-finals.

IN our final update, several news sites (such as Sify News) have picked up an IANS dispatch that reports PC Sorcar Jr is facing sexual harassment charges. If found guilty, Sorcar could face three years in prison.