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Posted by Editor on July 23rd, 2014

Portal by Kainoa Harbottle

Many respect Him. Many study him. All fear him. His name is Kainoa Harbottle. In this body of work, Kainoa offers a structurally and visually beautiful one coin routine that should be studied, dissected and admired. This is PORTAL.


Alex Ramon [Magic Week in Review]

Posted by Josh on July 25th, 2014

Alex Ramon visits the iTricks Magic Week in Review to talk about his new tour, working for Ringling Brothers and more.


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Michael Hickox: Lego Magic Show

Posted by Michael on July 25th, 2014

Lego and magic, what could be better? A fun take on the familiar “revenge on the magician theme,” but a pretty cool one from Michael Hickox. We probably should warn you that there is Lego nudity…

That is it for another Video Friday and, as always, whether the next couple of days are dedicated to barbecue and couch naps or a full slate of performances, have a magical weekend!

Looking For Classical Magic And Found This…

Posted by Michael on July 25th, 2014

We here are at the iTricks Corporation, Inc. Video Friday Division thought it would be pretty sweet to dig up some old, forgotten footage of a vaudeville era magician sawing an assistant in half. What we found instead was this Steve Wyrick video titled “Hooters Girl Dismembered.”

How are you NOT going to watch that?

Then we found this version, which is a little longer and shows the complete effect. This is from the Annual Miss Hooter International Swimsuit Pageant and was posted by Steve on his YouTube page earlier this year.

The Magician’s Apprentice From The Sony Professional Series

Posted by Michael on July 25th, 2014

This week’s Video Friday does not really have a theme, so it is a bit of a grab bag. This video is from the Sony Professional series of short films which helps to highlight features of various pieces of high end Sony video equipment. The Magician’s Apprentice, by Phillip Bloom, highlights a magic trick created by magician Dean and his son. Our only complaint about the piece, which we assume to be a documentary, is that it never seems to properly identify Dean the magician! If you are interested in the technical aspects of the film there is a behind the scenes look at the film on the Sony UK website.

Your Career: Magician

Posted by Michael on July 25th, 2014

Good morning! It’s Video Friday (which deserves some kind of wicked theme music or CGI sequence, don’t you think?) and we are kicking it off with this footage from WTXL ABC 27, which serves northern Florida and southern Georgia. Their guest on a recent Your Career spotlight was Phil Meyer of Phil Meyer Magic. Part of what attracted us to this video was the feast that it could be a nice Video Friday reminder that magic really can be a career.

Jack Gwynne Items Up For Bid [Magic On The Block]

Posted by Michael on July 24th, 2014

DISCLAIMER: does not endorse or guarantee the following item nor have we been compensated to feature said item.

There are two different interesting Jack Gwynne items being offered right now on ebay. The first is an original playbill from Potter and Potter Auctions. It promises a vanishing elephant for the kiddies and the secrets of the harem for the adults. There is even a dance of the seven veils in the line up… $30 buys you this nice piece of magic ephemera (shipping included). See a picture (Potter and Potter states that it is in good shape) at the listing page.

Also on the block is an unused Jack Gwynne window card (seen to the right)… at least, it does not have anything written in the space provided for adding dates and venues. Although advertised as a poster, its size (14″ by 22″) and the fact that it is stated as being on board as opposed to paper suggest that it was meant to be a window card. The auction ends July 30 and bidding starts at $129.99, which seems a little steep but it is in good condition with nice colors. Read more and place bids here.

Mat Franco Interview, Invisibility And Colin Firth Is Not A Magician [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on July 24th, 2014
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First up, an interview from WJAR NBC News 10 with Mat Franco, who will be seen on the first live episode of America’s Got Talent next week.

UPI is reporting that Colin Firth, who plays a magician in the new Woody Allen film Magic in the Moonlight, has no talent for magic. Magic fan Allen tried to teach Firth a card trick, but Firth said “There was only a little sigh at my eighth attempt at doing this very simple thing with one card, which he could do brilliantly and I simply couldn’t.”

Want to be invisible? The Guardian recently nicely summarized five methods being researched to create invisibility.