Doc Dixon is a Renaissance Man…

Posted by Editor on September 16th, 2014

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Cards, coins, and even paper balls, Doc Dixon is truly well-rounded in magic. In this lecture, Doc is going to keep you laughing while sharing with you some of the secrets that has made him so successful over the years. Prepare to be entertained with Doc Dixon!

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Closing Out Video Friday With David Copperfield

Posted by Michael on September 19th, 2014

As you may remember, David Copperfield celebrated a birthday earlier this week. In this video from CCTV America, he speaks with Mike Walter about Project Magic. If you are not familiar with Project Magic, it is a program that Copperfield started over 30 years ago to help people use magic as “a form of therapy for people with physical, psychological, and social disabilities.” Check out the official website, and maybe even get involved, here.

Well, this closes out Video Friday for another week. Whether you are spending the next couple of days studying new techniques or working shows, have a great weekend!

Russian Circus Magic

Posted by Michael on September 19th, 2014

This relatively high quality video, featuring Nikolai Spira and V. Khil, features an illusion act in a Russian circus. Other than that, well, we really are not sure because none of the good folks around iTricks Central speak or read Russian!

Fujiyama Kohtaro On Tezuma And Japanese Magic History

Posted by Michael on September 19th, 2014

As promised earlier, here is the second TEDx Talk video featuring Fujiyama Kohtaro. In this video he speaks on the history of Japanese magic. Did you know the first Japanese magic book was published well over 1,000 years ago? Even better than the history, though, is some of the theory he hints at in the talk.

Fujiyama Kohtaro Presents Edo Period Magic At TEDxTokyo

Posted by Michael on September 19th, 2014

I have been sitting on this video for a while… It is Fujiyama Kohtaro presenting tezuma, the classic Japanese magic of the Edo Period (1603 – 1868) at the TEDxTokyp back in May of 2013. The act is silent, accompanied by traditional music, and Fujiyama’s opening narration had been dubbed into English. It is one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen and every time I watch it I can not decide if I want to go practice more or just throw all my props away and give up!

Fujiyama Kohtaro is the son of Fujiyama Shintaro, the famous champion of traditional Japanese magic. He has who multiple prizes for his performances. You can learn more about Fujiyama family and their magic at their website (in English or Japanese). Even better, there is a second TEDx video of Fujiyama Kohtaro giving an English language presentation on tezuma. We will post it later today.

Video Friday Kicks Off With A Little Medium Busting

Posted by Michael on September 19th, 2014

Hey, it is Video Friday again! Let’s kick it off with another gem from the British Pathé archives. They list this footage as being from circa 1930 and do not credit the medium-buster featured. Although this reel may not have raised the ire of too many magicians (as exposing spiritualists and mediums was a perfectly acceptable way to sell extra tickets back then), it is very similar to the exposes of magic tricks that were also being shopped around to moviegoers.

Nightline Goes Inside The Magic Castle

Posted by Michael on September 18th, 2014

More ABC news videos | Latest world news

We are ready for Video Friday and we bet you are too. Let’s finish up Thursday with video from ABC’s Nightline. They made a visit to The Magic Castle, which is always fun to watch. It runs just shy of seven minutes and president Erika Larsen, Goldfinger, a few students and Irma the ghost are featured. It reminds me that I have been meaning to look into a non-resident membership…

Mat Franco’s Biggest Fan, Cardsharp Affleck, Dealing With Copperfield [Magic Bulletin]

Posted by Michael on September 18th, 2014
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The big story in magic is Mat Franco taking the top prize on America’s Got Talent. His biggest fan is, by his own admission, his grandmother and she was featured on the above WJAR NBC 10 piece yesterday before the results were announced.

Between y’all iTricksters and me, Smoothini the Ghetto Houdini told me weeks ago when he was in St. Louis that Mat Franco had the best shot of all the magicians.

Also between you and me, the podcast has been sidelined thanks to a little throat and ear infection. Everything is better now, recording is starting back up and there will be a new podcast next week. Think you would be a good guest for the Magic Week in Review? Email me at brownbagmagic AT swbell DOT net.

Technology Tell caught up with Rick Lax to chat about Wizard Wars. It is shaping up to be quite the hit for SyFy; maybe we will be seeing more magic from it and the rest of the NBC family of channels.

It is not quite magic, but Ben “Bruce Wayne” Affleck has been talking about being tossed out of casinos for counting cards. Read all about it on E! Online. You know Ben, if you are really good at it you don’t get caught… just sayin’.

Very cool story on about brokering a deal for a vintage aviation manual singed by Houdini twice and purchased by David Copperfield.

Did you see The Castle on ABC’s Nightline last night? I missed it too… But stay tuned to iTricks and we will bring you the video.