Designing Miracales – Collectors Edition By Darwin Ortiz

Posted by Eddy Ray on February 23rd, 2007

Designing Miracles - Collector’s Edition by Darwin OrtizDarwin Ortiz

The Most Important Book On Magic Theory Since Strong Magic!

In Designing Miracles, Darwin Ortiz continues the task he began in Strong Magic: to explore and raise the level of craft in magic. This time he presents a groundbreaking study of how laymen think and what it takes to amaze them.

Darwin has earned a reputation for creating some of the strongest card effects in modern magic. In Designing Miracles, he reveals for the first time the principles and techniques that he follows in doing so. These insights will help you choose stronger effects, create stronger effects, and strengthen those effects that you’ve already performing.

If you’ve ever been puzzled by an audience’s reaction or lack of it, this book will dispel the mystery. It gives you a new set of tools for understanding how magic works, why it sometimes doesn’t, and how to make it work better. Never again will you be at a loss as to why an effect isn’t playing well. Never again will you be at a loss as to what to do about it.

If your goal is to provide your audiences with an unforgettable experience of impossibility, you’ll find Designing Miracles filled with insights to help you do so. It will teach you how to use the audience’s own thinking patterns against them. It will show you how to turn puzzles into miracles. It will do something that few magic books can: change with way you think about magic.

“Here we have an outstanding new book by one of the modern-day masters of card magic, Darwin Ortiz. Darwin lays out a new way oflooking at how the mind is fooled. You will look at magic effects differently, and your thinking about magic will be stimulated andchallenged. Without studying the principles set forth in this book, no magical education can be complete. Books like Designing Miracles, andStrong Magic that came before it, are more rare and important today than ever before.”
- Whit Haydn (From introduction)

Darwin Ortiz is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading sleight-of-hand performers with playing cards. He is also the author of some of the most popular and important books on magic ever published, including the best-selling book, STRONG MAGIC. He also serves as an international consultant to the casino industry on the prevention and detection of cheating. His eleven DVDs and six books, including Darwin Ortiz on Card Cheating and Gambling Scams, are widely used as reference and training tools in casinos throughout the world, and he is called to testify as an expert witness in casino cheating cases. As an entertainer and expert consultant, Darwin has performed on every continent except Antarctica.

Pages 200 – Hardcover – Collector’s Edition: Signed and Numbered out of 100, Slip-case.

Availability: Hard To Get, Good Luck!

Price: $100.00

Hover Card by Dan Harlan

Posted by Editor on February 21st, 2007

Hover Card by Dan HarlanHover Card


What if you could harness the power of gravity?

What if you could ignore it? This is Hover Card.

You stand on the street. All eyes are on the deck. Silence and raw anticipation pour through the air. With all attention focused on the deck, one card begins to visibly RISE. The motion is slow; the force is under your complete command at all times.

There are no strings. There are no wires. There is nothing but you, your audience, and a crisp deck. With only that, you have the power to perform.

Availability: Ellusionist in FEBRUARY 2007

Price: $19.95


iTricks New Tricks Bulletin: 2.19.07

Posted by Editor on February 21st, 2007

The iTricks New Tricks Bulletin is compiled by Derek Merdinyan. Send any listings for your new effects to for inclusion


Even without being told, from reading the description alone, you should just know, this is a Paul Harris effect.

Ladybug is simple, stab your finger, bleed a bit, and then, with your otherworldly powers, bring the blood to life – specifically, you change it into a real live ladybug.

Availability: All Major Dealers
Price: $100


Richard Sander’s worker’s solution to the Ring on Shoelace plot. It sounds like everything you have wanted in a ring flight: Angle proof, no reset, no duplicates or reels.

Availability: Available at and All Major Dealers
Price: $60

Paint Surprise Devin Knight’s Paint Surprise!

Definitely a new effect. Devin Knight raises the bar again when a borrowed ring transposes with the ball bearing inside of a can of spray paint. The easiest way to get the ring out is to spray it out through the nozzle on an index card. The card is folded into quarters and visually inflates – the ink changes to the ring!

Availability: Pre-Order @ Most Major Dealers (Available at the end of February)
Price: $70

Iced Over

Pour water into your clean hands, blow = ice? Enter your new X-Men-like ability. Sounds like the real deal, you can actually use the ice in your drink. What’s more, it can be performed in a walkaround environment, it’s repeatable, and “extremely impromptu.”

Availability: All Major Dealers

Click after the jump for effects by Morgan Strebler, Vernet, Dave Forrest and much more…
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Prohibition by Charlie Justice

Posted by Editor on January 4th, 2007

From the Jeff Pierce Magic website:

Imagine being able to…
openly, instantly and visually penetrate a sealed bottle with a cap and immediately show your hand empty!

Well imagine no more! With Prohibition you’ll be able to do this with:

No preparation to the bottle.

The bottle can be any color or transparency.

The bottle and cap may be borrowed.

Everything is completely examinable before and after the effect.

As close to special FX as you can get… LIVE

You’re going to LOVE Prohibition!

Price: 24.95

SMOKE RINGS- By Dave Forrest

Posted by Editor on December 14th, 2006

Singled out by the legendary Paul Harris for inclusion on his ‘True Astonishment’ DVD set, SMOKE RINGS is a truly incredible impromptu miracle!

“If I only had one playing card with which to do magic, this is the routine that I’d do, bar none.” – David Forrest (from the introduction of this manuscript)

SMOKE RINGS is a completely impromptu, 100% examinable linking card effect which requires no preparation whatsoever. Only one card is used, nothing else. No additional gimmcks are required, your hands are clearly empty. This is anywhere, anytime magic with nothing more than a single playing card.

Effect: Any card is borrowed or freely chosen by a spectator and signed. With both hands unmistakably empty, two impromptu rings are torn from the card. Without any overt actions or suspicious cover, the two rings are magically linked together, one ring hanging from the other. Such is their linked condition that one ring must actually be torn in order to free the other – one ring is unmistakably displayed as being torn.To finish, the torn ring is completely restored and everything is handed out for examination. There is nothing to find. The rings may be kept by the spectator as a souvenir. Believe it!

After many years of secrecy, SMOKE RINGS can now be yours!


Posted by Editor on December 12th, 2006

A signed egg and a signed quarter meet to create a new effect by Néfesch. Check out the site here.

Ghost Vision

Posted by Andrew on November 19th, 2006

Ghost Vision by Andrew Mayne

Andrew Mayne, creator of Gut Buster and ghostbills, presents a 21st century paranormal effect. Using an unprepared borrowed camera phone the magician reveals spectral images of ghosts and premonitions from beyond.

Your spectators watch the display as a dark silhouette crosses the room in real time

A thought of word, image or card appears in a photograph of a spectator’s hand

A haunted face appears in the shadows

GHOST VISION is a spine-tingling effect that allows you to use a borrowed portable electronics device to create a digital seance that can be saved as photo or movie. It’s easy to perform and works with most camera phones.

24 minute widescreen DVD including an extra bonus effect: The Haunted Keys

Comes with everything needed to perform (cell phone not included).

Only $14.95 (free US and Canadian shipping)

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