Ipswich and Lillian’s Diary By Vic Nadata & Outlaw Effects

Posted by Eddy Ray on July 2nd, 2010

Ipswich and Lillian’s Diary By Vic Nadata & Outlaw Effects

Imagine a book that could bring back the dead. You are invited to do a show, but you bring much more than magic to the table.

Ipswich is a book test that takes your audience to 1692 Salem at the height of the witch trials. Your spectator selects an entry and concentrates. You never look at her, never see her selection. You don’t even ask her a question. At once you see the horrors of the witch trial. You name the selected victim, you know all about her. How? The victim is there in the room with you.

Price: $135.00

Lillian’s Diary is a full year of entries written by a twelve-year-old girl named Lillian. She carefully kept records of her thoughts during the year of 1933. The only trouble is Lillian died in 1932. Take your audience into the world of the hereafter. Lillian is a book test that will leave your audience gasping for air.

Price: $150.00

More than mere book tests, Ipswich and Lillian’s Diary are full routines, suitable for walk-around, platform, stage, séance, and even haunted house performances.

Both Ipswich and Lillian Diary come complete with instructions and a full performance manual complete with performance ideas and scripted routines. Ipswich and Lillian’s Diary are sold separately . . . only from Vic Nadata & Outlaw Effects.

Availability: http://www.outlaw-effects.com

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