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Posted by Eddy Ray on March 18th, 2010

Intuition By Hondo – David Leon Productions

Posted by Eddy Ray on January 5th, 2009

Intuition By Hondo

“The best (BEEP)ing  prediction at any number I have ever seen!” Keith Barry, Professional Magician.

There are many great routine possibilities, this is just one example!

Effect: The Magician lays down a sealed envelope and a pack of cards.

The Magician asks the spectator to choose a number between 1 and 52.  They can change their mind if they like.

The spectator is instructed to pick up the deck of cards and take the cards out of the box.  (The magician doesn’t touch the cards). They are instructed to deal the cards face down until they get to their chosen number.  They take their card and set it aside.  They deal the rest of the cards down showing it is a complete deck.


Dana Hocking – Soundtrack From Wayne Houchin DVD’s

Posted by Eddy Ray on January 5th, 2009

Dana Hocking – Soundtrack

Dana Hocking has been the only musician to build a recognizable name and style within the magic community. Since the release of Wayne Houchin’s Stigmata in 2006, Dana has brought his unique musical style and sound design to projects involving some of the top names in the industry – Wayne Houchin, Daniel Garcia, Aaron Fisher, Daniel Madison, Mathieu Bich, Lee Asher, Chris Kenner, Dan and Dave Buck, and many others.


MagicBase Pro Software

Posted by Eddy Ray on December 5th, 2008

MagicBase Pro Software

MagicBase Pro Integrated Marketing software is a database program (and more)  designed for specialty performers like magicians, jugglers, hypnotists, clowns and others. With over a dozen different screens, this program makes customer management and marketing a breeze.

In this one program you can keep track of your clients for life. Have a complete list of all customers, events, shows, and routines. Have a client history of all past shows and what routines you performed for them. There is even a show planner and packing list feature.


MagiTracks CD Music For Magicians

Posted by Eddy Ray on October 6th, 2008


Introducing MagiTracks Volume 1 — Music For Magicians!

This exciting new CD contains 15 original, royalty-free music tracks created especially for magicians.  Produced by award-winning conjuror & composer Steve Saunders, MagiTracks Vol. 1 is perfect for any performer looking for fresh, dynamic music for their act.  The CD features a wide variety of musical styles and genres, professionally recorded for superior sound quality and clarity.

Because MagiTracks Vol. 1 is “royalty-free”, you can use the music any way you wish — without paying additional (and expensive) licensing fees.  Use the music for your website & marketing materials, your instructional DVD, and of course for your live show — completely free of royalty payments.  Even if you’re not a performer, the music can be used for practice sessions and to inspire creativity.

Endorsed by top celebrities such as Jeff McBride, Franz Harary and Amos Levkovitch, MagiTracks Vol. 1 will be a valuable addition to your magical “tool kit”.  For a limited time, the CD is on sale at a special discount price — and includes two FREE bonus tracks!


Price: $19.95

Colour Changing Shoelace By Dynamo

Posted by Eddy Ray on August 12th, 2007

Colour Changing ShoelaceColour Changing Shoelace
by Dynamo

Dynamo’s Colour Changing Shoelace was used in the Adidas advert 2006 and was one of the tricks he performed in his award winning close-up act. Dynamo is one of the true up and coming talents in British Magic.

On this, his first DVD, he fully explains how to construct and fit the gimmick to your trainers, then how to perform the effect. It features live performances of Dynamo showing the effect on the street and one of his many trade show bookings, plus bonus footage.

Running Time Approximately 25min

Availability: All Major Dealers

Price: $27