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Royal Assembly by Joshua Jay

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 13th, 2007

Royal Assembly – Joshua JayJoshua Jay

Deal down the four aces and place three cards on top. In demonstrating your skill at winning at poker, you show how you magically remove the aces from the player’s hands into yours!

For the finale you deal down the aces again, but this time you show that the Aces vanish entirely. Your hand contains the Ace of Spades…and the remaining cards to make a Royal Flush.

View Demo Here

Availability: Penguin Magic

Price: $9.95 (instant download)

Credit Cash by Joshua Jay

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 13th, 2007

Credit Cash – Joshua JayCredit Cash

For those moments when credit cards are not accepted, Joshua Jay brings you Credit Cash!

Display three credit cards one by one and upon displaying the final card, BOOM it changes into a $ 100 dollar bill.

You are not restricted to a 0 bill. You can use any denomination of your choosing as long as the size is similar to a U.S. bill.

The set up on this takes seconds and you can keep it prepared and ready when you are!

Joshua Jay also includes his handling on how to “clean up” at the end so that you are always left “empty handed!”

View Demo Here

Availability: Penguin Magic

Price: $9.95 (instant download)

Coin Thru Bill – Johnny Wong

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 11th, 2007

Coin Thru Bill – Johnny WongCoin Thru Bill

The performer borrows one bill from the audience, and he takes out one half-dollar coin from his pocket.

Placing the coin near the edge of the bill, he begins to slowly and methodically rub the bill with the coin.

To the audience’s amazement, they witness the coin penetrate the bill on the bill’s very edge. Rubbing it again, the coin penetrates the very center of the bill completely.

The performer can also use this coin prop to perform quick coin movements between his hands. He can use it as a magnetic coin. This is a coin prop with a variety of functions from the mind of Johnny Wong.

Availability: Hocus-Pocus

Price: $54.95

Ultimate CD Trick With Manuscript

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 7th, 2007

Ultimate CD by Eddy Ray

Ultimate CD
World Class manipulator Eddy Ray presents a highly visual manipulative illusion. The Ultimate CD gimmick is here to enhance your magic act! Can be learned in just minutes and the possibilities are endless.

You can vanish a CD into thin air! No elastic pulls are used. You will learn: The Ultimate Vanish, The Ultimate Appearance, CD to Silk Transformation. Detailed instructions and gimmick provided.

Availability: All Major Dealers or Direct from Eddy Ray

Price: $14.95

Go Fish by Dan Harlan

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 6th, 2007

Go Fish! Go Fish

by Dan Harlan

If you’ve been on a fishing trip, you know what it feels like to have a HUGE fish on the line… that fish is fighting to stay under water… and then just before it reaches the surface it LEAPS out of the water for everyone to see.

Harlan captures that moment perfectly with a deck of cards.

Penguin Magic and Dan Harlan team up to bring you Go Fish!, Harlan’s favorite sandwich routine + his STUNNINGLY VISUAL climax to the classic sandwich plot!

Cleanly throw two Kings (the kings of fishing) into the pond (of cards) and watch as the fish (your spectator’s chosen card) jumps out!

If you’re new to the sandwich plot… you’re in luck! The instructional video includes the routine that Harlan uses to build up to this great ending PLUS tips and tricks that will have you out there performing Go Fish! before you know it!

Highly Visual! Maximum Impact! Totally Harlan!

Availability: Penguin Magic

Price: $5.95 (instant download)

See Saw by Dan Harlan

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 6th, 2007

See Saw

by Dan Harlan
Dan Harlan

Ever wanted to saw a lady in half? Now you can with Harlan’s See Saw!

Simply place one of the four queens in the “box” that you make out of the remaining three. Make a sawing motion with your finger and this amazing illusion comes to life!

No Sleight of Hand!

Virtually Self Working!

With Harlan’s “easy to make” gimmick, you can appear to perform this miniature illusion impromptu!

Availability: Penguin Magic

Price: $9.95 (instant download)

Flicker By Michael Paul – Ebook

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 6th, 2007

Flicker Michael Paul
by Michael Paul

..Imagine a color change that causes a card to flicker back and forth from red to blue, then back to red rapidly WITH NO COVER OR SLEIGHT OF HAND. No angles, gimmicked cards or fancy set ups. Do this surrounded, up close, in any situation… you can’t be caught doing anything, because there are no moves! Flicker is an optical illusion that happens without misdirection or knuckle busting skill. Originally slated as a premier release by, this effect was strong enough to catch the attention of several big shots at one of the largest magic companies in the world. And now, it is offered here at a fraction of the cost it would have been, as an instant download. This is the same exact manuscript purchased by Ellusionist and scheduled for release in early 2007.

So what happened?

Ellusionist ran into an unfortunate issue with another product that used matches. They decided to be over-cautious with their future releases, and drop everything that could be considered dangerous in any way shape or form, including fire effects. And Flicker does use FLASH PAPER. They allowed Michael Paul to reacquire the rights to the effect, and now you have the opportunity to download the manuscript!


Blistered by Precision Magic

Posted by Derek on March 6th, 2007

Blistered by Precision Magic

Blistered by Precision Magic

This trick can be performed on the fly and completely surrounded. Have a spectator select a card and then replace the card into the pack. After the pack has been shuffled, the spectator is instructed to write the name of their card onto a small piece of paper. A lighter is ignited and the paper is burned. In the process of the burning the Magician realizes he has burnt his fingers. Turning the hand towards the spectators, they are absolutely stunned to see the blisters, one on each finger that was holding the paper. What’s more shocking than just the two blisters is that they are in the shape of the chosen card.

Availability: Most Major Dealers

Price: $25

Face Lift by Precision Magic

Posted by Derek on March 6th, 2007

Face Lift by Precision Magic

Face Lift by Precision Magic

A card is selected and returned to the deck. After being cut to the center, the cards are spread out showing that the selected card has been reversed in the deck. Now the card is placed on the bottom, and visually jumps back to the top of the deck.

Availability: Most Major Dealers

Price: $5.95

Boxing Ring Round 2: Undefeated

Posted by Derek on March 1st, 2007

Boxing Ring Round 2: Undefeated

Boxing Ring Round 2: Undefeated

Round two! Boxing Ring is armed with my all-new bonus Uppercut instructions! Pure visual impact that lands a fatal blow. Killer displays of eye candy produce the audience reactions you crave and the numbing suspension of disbelief spins a fantasy of impossible magic!

The borrowed ring is placed inside a ring box bound with a long silk cord. A second silk cord is used to conjure the ring as it mystically appears linked on the string. The ring vanishes, appears, and penetrates the silk several times. But suddenly the ring vanishes! The spectator unties the box to reveal the ring still safely inside!

• Now with bonus pocket-free handling!
• Perfect for restaurant work, my venue of choice!
• I’ll have you doing magic you didn’t think possible!
• It won’t be knocked out of the ring this century!

Get these folks some medical attention and take their ring-side seat! Without even the slightest tradeoff, the moves naturally angle the dirty work out of view. Plus, you’re not that dirty in the first place. I cut the fat and became lean over the years!

My all-new instructions guide you through the whole routine step by step. The special silk cords are gimmicked, but inspectable without switches, magnets, or clasps. Their secret is so diabolically convenient; you will find ways to use them for other tricks almost immediately!

Boxing Ring is made in The Magic Depot workshop by Christopher Marley. He manufactures each one to my strict design specs so you can handle the box without exposing its devious construction. Reinforced hinges ensure a durable prop, backed by my own personal guarantee.

Only 300 Boxing Ring Undefeated will be available this month. The first edition sold out on opening day, and these will go fast too! Because supplies are so limited, I am offering a one-week preorder. Reserve yours right now!et.

Availability: Magic Depot Exclusive

Price: $39.95

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