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Any Ring By Richard Sanders

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 19th, 2007

Any RingAny Ring

by Richard Sanders

Vanish any ring, any time !

The revolutionary ring vanishing handkerchief!

The problem with most ring vanishing handkerchiefs is that you can only vanish a specific ring size. This is awkward for the practical performer as you have to search for someone with the correct ring. If you can’t find the correct ring then you have to skip the trick.

With ANY RING, you can vanish any sized ring, from a thin Engagement Ring to the thickest Signet Band.

The spectator’s ring is placed under a handkerchief and the spectator holds his/her ring through the material. The spectator feels his/her ring until the last second; when the spectator lets go, the ring is gone!


Instant Rose Creation

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 19th, 2007

Instant Rose Creation
Instant Rose Creation

by Visual Magic

The magician is seen holding a bare rose stem. He also has some pedals from a rose and it appears that he is attempting to repair the rose. After a few failed attempts the magician gets frustrated and throws the rose pedals up in the air. At that instant a rose head appears on the stem of the rose. An Instant Rose Creation!

Item comes with a package of synthetic rose pedals.

Availability: All Major Dealers

Price: $30.00

Odd Ball By Marc Oberon

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 19th, 2007

Odd BallOdd Ball

by Marc Oberon 

A selection of small white balls and one single black ball are shown to the audience They are dropped singly into an opaque bag, which is then shaken by a spectator to ensure they are well mixed.

One by one a group of spectators each take a ball from the bag, keeping it concealed at all times in their hand.

Despite the thorough mixing and random distribution of the balls, you can instantly tell who holds the black ball.

Availability: All Major Dealers

Price: $30.00 

3D Paradox By Steve Shufton

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 19th, 2007

3D Paradox3D Paradox

by Steve Shufton

It’s new! It’s refreshing! It’s Colorful! It’s IMPOSSIBLE!

Shufton’s 3D Paradox sends their minds on holiday! Just imagine:

The spectator holds a sealed envelope. A card, freely selected, is signed and shuffled back into the pack. The envelope is opened to reveal a brilliantly colored, beautifully illustrated greeting card! It’s hinged open and out leaps a colorful 3D scene in which a smaller envelope “pops up”! Her brain melts when she removes the contents herself and discovers her own, SIGNED CARD!


Stuck DVD By Greg Rostami

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 19th, 2007

Stuck DVDStuck DVD

by Greg Rostami

From the wArPeD mind of Greg Rostami comes STUCK!
You start by borrowing a quarter. Place the quarter on the back of your hand and proceed to TWIST it into your skin.
When the hand is removed the coin has penetrated the back of the hand. But WAIT . . .

The coin is NOT coming out the other side of the hand . . . IT’S STUCK!

Both hands are shown completely empty . . . there is no sign of the coin.

You then proceed to pull the coin SLOWLY and VISUALLY out of the palm of your hand!

Both the vanish and the reveal of the coin will leave everyone STUNNED!

Frozen By Nefesch

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 16th, 2007

Frozen by NefeschFrozen

from Leaping Lizards Magic

The performer walks up to a total stranger and asks them if they have a coin which the magician will use. Spectator initials or marks the coin. Spectator drops the coin in the performer’s hand.

The performer steps back a few fet, holds his hands at arms length and then blows toward his hand. Billows of “cold breath” puff forth with a cloud of (safe) smoke, like when you breath on a cold day.

The performer holds his hands over the spectator’s, and cold drops of water drip forth. The performer slowly opens his hands, and a chunk of ice falls out into the spectator’s awaiting hands. The spectator can then take the ice with them and wait for it to thaw to retrieve his coin.. yes it is the same one.


The Scent Of Darkness By GWYD

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 16th, 2007

The Scent Of Darkness by GWYDScent Of Darkness

It is based on an old fakir’s trick, but with some personal twists presented by Gwyd. With the strange looking bottle and the included routine, you force an audience member from a small group to select themselves. They are the only ones who can smell the “Scent of Darkness”.

Ordinary water changes it’s scent from flowers to vanilla to oranges to…Something awful! Completely under your control.
Some call it a bizarrist effect, some mentalist, some just call it spooky.

Flare – Alpha Magic

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 14th, 2007

Flare – Alpha MagicFlare

Control fire seemingly with the power of your mind

You’re painting the town red on a late Saturday night. Under the flashing strobes of the city’s trendiest nightclub, you pull a cigarette out of a classy cigarette case and call attention to it…


The lines on your forehead become more visible, obvious to those who sense your intense concentration. Let them watch you as close as they can. Let them focus their attention on the cigarette as you pinch it lightly between your fingers. Time slows down as you hold still. Let them be consumed by your enigmatic presence. Slowly…gently…painstakingly the cigarette crackles and smoulders, seemingly reacting to the stares of those around you. Everyone goes silent. Your eyes are open intently.

And then it happens.


Fire Flight – The Ultimate Ring Flight Illusion

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 14th, 2007

Fire Flight – Peter LoughranFire Flight

The Ultimate Ring Flight Illusion

Effect: The performer invites a spectator up to help him tell the story of the ancient legend of the Phoenix. A small ceramic plate is introduced and placed in front of the spectator on the table. The performer asks to borrow a ring from the spectator. With empty hands the performer introduces a piece of tissue paper and cleanly and openly folds the tissue paper around the spectators ring in open view. The tissue paper now containing the borrowed ring is set onto to the ceramic plate. The performer instructs the spectator to cover the tissue paper and their ring with both hands to make sure nothing enters or is taken away from the plate.


Fandango Part 1 – David Forrest

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 13th, 2007

Fandango Part 1 – David ForrestFandango

Close up magic for the real world. Part 1.

Part 1 in a series of releases containing all new material designed with the intent of providing real world close up magicians with fresh, practical material.

Six brand new, never before published effects fresh from the mind of Dave Forrest. The material contained within has been carefully selected to be both entertaining and practical. This is not a ‘read it once’ release. It is filled with effects that you will actually use in the real world for real people. Fandango Part 1 – ALL KILLER, NO FILLER!


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