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Foreign Affair – Greg Wilson

Posted by Eddy Ray on April 14th, 2007

Foreign AffairForeign Affair

by Greg Wilson

The magician explains how he makes money while traveling the world by taking advantage of currency exchange rates in various countries.

Starting with a one-dollar bill (green), he folds it in half to reveal an Australian note (bright green). Folds it in half again to reveal a twenty-euro note (blue). One more fold reveals a hundred-yen note (red). Finally, when the bill is unfolded, it has now transformed into a one hundred-dollar bill-which can be thoroughly examined.

That’s a lot of bang for your buck, and a geography lesson at the same time!

Comes with detailed illustrated instruction booklet and gimmick bill.

Availability: All Major Dealers

Price: $20

Breather By Rodger Lovins

Posted by Eddy Ray on April 13th, 2007

Rodger Lovins


Never leave home without putting a little something EXTRA in your deck of cards!


The Magician shuffles the deck of cards and places them on the table. He tells the spectator that they are going to play a little game of HIGH CARD. He tells the spectator that each of them will take turns cutting the deck, and see who cuts to the highest value card. Twos being the lowest and aces the highest. The spectator goes first and then the performer. Back and forth until each have four cards. The magician cuts to an ace every time, even though the spectator has cut the deck in between each one of his turns. The performer then goes into his or her favorite 4 ace routine! This is good stuff.

This is just one of many effects that can be done with Breather in your deck.

Card loaction, Stacked Deck Routines, Key Card Tricks?
Not a problem with Breather!

Comes complete with gimmick and instruction booklet that includes a Killer 4 Ace routine!

View Demo HERE 

Availability: All Major Dealers

Price: $14.95

Anton Edwards “Shirt Off My Back”

Posted by Eddy Ray on April 13th, 2007

Shirt Off My BackShirt Off My Back

by Anton Edwards


The magician has the spectator select a playing card at random. The selected card is then remembered by the person that selected it and the other audience members. The magician then states that they they will now find the selected card for if they fail the magi will gladly give the spectator the shirt off his or her back. After many failed attempts to locate the selected card. The magician removes thier shirt to reveal a t-shirt  with a message that devines the spectators selected card.

This effect is great for street, stage, stand up or close up shows..

No instructions are included because it only requires any simple card force.

Available cards – 10 of diamonds, 7 of clubs, 6 of spades or8 of hearts

Availability: Anton Edwards

Price: S, M, L, XL is $25  / XXL XXXL is $28 

Crystal Vision By Pieras Fitikides

Posted by Eddy Ray on April 12th, 2007

Crystal VisionCrystal Vision
Pieras Fitikides

Crystal Vision allows you to make on-the-spot predictions which will appear on a LAMINATED card within a SEALED envelope.

You are supplied with the special gimmick that can be used in MANY ways. Even though the prediction is in a sealed envelope, you can influence the prediction at a moments notice, without opening the envelope and it can be done right under the spectator’s nose.

This gimmick can be used in other applications such as secretly gaining or passing information from an assistant to the performer; spirit slate writing, pre-show work and more. This gimmick is very versatile and with a little thought, will become a strong hidden assistant in your arsenal of secret weapons.

Comes complete with instructions and everything needed to perform immediately. Available in Poker card size. Great for close-up, stand-up, walk-around and impromptu effects.


Talking Deck By Rodger Lovins

Posted by Eddy Ray on April 10th, 2007

Talking DeckTalking Deck
by Rodger Lovins

The magician has someone choose a playing card, look at it and place it into there pocket. He then tells them to concentrate on there card. He holds his hands up to the there head in an effort to transfer the thought of card into the mind of a second spectator. When the magician holds his hands up next to the second spectator’s head, that spectator magically reveals the name of the chosen card, even though everyone else in the room hears nothing or sees no visible signing of any kind. Somehow the chosen card seems to be revealed to the second spectator. Maybe it’s a talking deck!


View Demo HERE

Availability: All Major Dealers

Price: $49.95

Blank Phil Plus By Trevor Duffy

Posted by Eddy Ray on April 10th, 2007

Blank Phil Plus Blank Phil Plus

By Trevor Duffy

A spectator merely thinks of a card and the magician names it! Surprised? …Next, the magician thinks of a card and the spectator names it!

Availability: All Major Dealers


Smokey Magic By Trevor Duffy

Posted by Eddy Ray on April 7th, 2007

Smokey MagicSmokey Magic
by Trevor Duffy

Produce smoke from your hands or a spectator’s sleeve! Use smoke for any magical transformation!

Chemicals Not Supplied

Not for sale to persons under 18

Availability: All Major Dealers

Price: $100

Promises Kept By David Mitchell

Posted by Eddy Ray on April 7th, 2007

Promises Kept Promises Kept
David Mitchell

Everyone Likes a Mystery! In this gothic coin magic effect you will find murder, Love, theft, magic, and the unexplained.


The performer begins to weave a haunting tale of true love and introduces a beautiful handcrafted exotic wood box. The box with intricate inlay is small enough to be held in the hand of the lady volunteer. The story continues and a half dollar is found inside the box . The tale of the two young lovers’ tragic deaths holds the spectators on the edge of there seats and the coin is stolen from its beautiful box. The parcel was resting in a grave when its contents are stolen. The coin is followed, along with the thief, by the owner’s ghost. The story becomes even more complex when at the stroke of midnight it is removed from its secure hiding place by the phantom and returned to the grave back inside the box. The box had remained inside the volunteer’s hand throughout the story.

The entire story has been known to bring chills, shrieks, and even a tear to those who have been privileged to hear it. The props are beautiful and the story takes close up into a whole new dimension. Add un forgettable drama to your close up performances with “A Promise Kept”.

Availability: All Major Dealers

Price: $44.95

Conjunction By Joshua Quinn

Posted by Eddy Ray on April 3rd, 2007

by Joshua Quinn

Conjunction is a remarkable effect with a very simple description. You take one of your business cards, give it a series of folds and tears, and in the process transform it into an impossible object: two unbroken cardboard rings that end up linked through one another.

So, you may ask, what sets Conjunction apart from the multitude of other effects that have bits of card linking together? Simple: You do it for real. The rings are given away in their genuinely linked state, from which they can’t be unlinked without ripping them. They can be examined indefinitely with no danger of anyone finding any seams, joins or tears, because there aren’t any. Furthermore, no glue, tape, or adhesive of any kind is used. Only one card is involved, with no gaffs, gimmicks or extra pieces, and nothing to ring in, ditch or switch. And naturally, if you’ve set it up correctly, the rings will still have your name and contact information on them, intact, at the end.


Pyrofreak By Eldo

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 31st, 2007


by Eldo

Pyrofreak is a revolutionary electronic device to light flash paper and flash string.

If you work with flash paper or flash string, than this is a MUST!

Imagine this:
- Show your hands empty and produce flashes of fire!
- Produce fire from different objects!
- Use your mental powers and light a piece of paper!
- Transform a piece of paper into a chosen card!

… Only limited by your imagination!

Pyrofreak can be used again and again, no set-up needed! You are always ready!

Pyrofreak can be used about 20-30 times before recharging it with the charging unit.

You can show your hands empty, nothing to hold or to palm!


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