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Malini Egg Bag By Bob White

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 27th, 2008

Malini Egg Bag
by Bob White

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“When it comes to performing magic’s classic Egg Bag, Bob White is the MASTER. In this video Bob teaches the techniques, management and psychology to effectively perform the Malini Egg Bag. He reveals information that has previously been shared with only a select few. If you are considering a routine with the Egg Bag, or if it’s in your current repertoire, Bob’s approach to this classic of magic will be invaluable to you. Bob certainly helped me, and he can help you as well.”
- Eric DeCamps


The Naked Zombie Ball By Raymond Crowe

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 18th, 2008

The Naked Zombie Ball
by Raymond Crowe

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Floating Ball Study for the Stage

Raymond appears at over 150 Corporate shows a year. His work has been featured on “World’s Greatest Magic IV” and he received a standing ovation for his performance at the 2003 FISM. Classically trained in Mime, Raymond applies these techniques to the humble Zombie ball with some astonishing results – a complete routine for the Zombie using no Cloth and no Zombie Gimmick! Each phase of the routine is discussed in full detail.

Mini classes in Mime techniques are taught, such as Fixed Point and the showing of Weight.


Mental Board

Posted by Eddy Ray on February 14th, 2008

Mental Board
by I-Magic

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The magician tears a sheet of paper out of a notebook and places it on the clipboard. He hands over a clipboard and pen to the spectator and turns around. He then asks the spectator to write any word or mark, to fold the paper in half and then hold the paper in their hand. The magician takes back the clipboard and the pen from the spectator, then takes a sheet of paper from the notebook and places it on the clipboard. The magician writes his prediction . Finally, the spectator opens the paper, and both are the same!

Availability: All Major Dealers

Price: $12.50

Alpha Table

Posted by Eddy Ray on February 13th, 2008

Alpha Table (Round)
by Alpha Magic International

  • Made from aluminium and Very light.
  • Folds flat-is easily portable and a production trick in itself!
  • Designs and is ruggedly built, under the most severe quality control conditions.

Dimensions Approximately 31″ (Height) x 14″ (Diameter) (78.74cm x 35.56cm)

Availability: All Major Dealers

Price: $450

Fiber Optics Extended By Richard Sanders

Posted by Eddy Ray on February 6th, 2008

Fiber Optics Extended
by Richard Sanders

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The 16 phase, eye-popping rope routine JUST GOT BETTER!

All the original eye-popping material from Fiber Optics PLUS 10 brand new phases, 5 brand new routines AND Hyper Ring: The visually astounding ring and rope routine!

On this 2 hour, power packed DVD, you will learn 32 eye flipping, mind crunching, hyper visual rope moves that will literally stun your audience! Nowhere else will you find this much mind crunching visual magic, without the aid of gimmicks, magnets or special props.

All 7 routines featured on the DVD are immediately repeatable with no reset, there is nothing to get ready, nothing to prepare and nothing to hide; just pure adrenaline magic right out of your pockets!


Manipulation Cards (POKER SIZE) By Trevor Duffy

Posted by Eddy Ray on January 30th, 2008

Manipulation Cards (POKER SIZE)
by Trevor Duffy

These Cards have been made from the highest quality board for superior manipulation. These cards combine all the neccessary requirements for manipulation into one deck.

  • Flesh Color Backs
  • Super Thin
  • Coated
  • Four Pips
  • Poker Size

Great looking cards at a great price!
    Availability: All Major Dealers
    Price: $14

    Magic Gremlins In A Box

    Posted by Eddy Ray on January 23rd, 2008

    Magic Gremlins In A Box

    by Masters of Illusion

    View Demo HERE

    Standard Effect: The performer begins by inviting a spectator on stage to share something very unique with them. The performer introduces a small brown cardboard box to the spectator with a label on it that says Magic Gremlins in a Box. The label resembles that of the old vintage comic book ads for such things as X-Ray Specs or Sea Monkeys to name a couple.


    Roped In By Aldo Colombini

    Posted by Eddy Ray on November 28th, 2007

    Roped In

    by Aldo Colombini

    My favorite 10 rope routines.

    Rope Puzzle: Two different sized ropes become equal and then visibly change into one rope.

    Missing Link: Two different colored ropes are linked and they unlink in the hand of a spectator.

    Silk Sensation: You tie a silk around a rope and then it jumps free in the air!

    Knotty Knot: A knot slides back and forth along a white rope and then changes color to red. The red knot slides along the rope and then, when untied, it is seen that it is part of the rope.

    Rope In: A novel handling for the Professor’s Nightmare routine. Three different size ropes become the same length and then become one rope that can be tossed in to the audience.

    Professor’s Math: A different handling for the Professor’s Nightmare with sliding and jumping knots. The rope at the end can be examined as well.

    Sliding Knot: A knot slides along a piece of rope several times. No set-up, no fake knots; featuring the best Slip Knot ever and the amazing and unique One Hand Slip Knot.


    Three Ring Concerto By Aldo Colombini

    Posted by Eddy Ray on November 28th, 2007

    Three Ring Concerto DVD

    by Aldo Colombini

    An Elegant and Totally Commercial Version of a Classic

    The “Chinese Linking rings” is a classic that every magician should know how to do. This new DVD makes it possible to learn one of the finest routines ever devised. Performed with only three rings (some moves use rings and rope), it contains a series of breathtaking visual effects that are as baffling as they are beautiful.

    Running Time Approximately 20min

    Availability: All Major Dealers

    Price: $10

    Broom Thru Body Illusion By Peter Loughran

    Posted by Eddy Ray on November 18th, 2007

    Broom Thru Body Illusion

    by Peter Loughran

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    The performer introduces a small ordinary looking lobby broom, and places it behind their back. With both ends of the broom visible at ALL times, the broom then melts slowly into the performer’s body sideways! The performer twists the broom inside his body in different directions. The performer turns his body from side to side showing all angles that the broom is indeed inside his body and both ends of the broom are visible at ALL times during the illusion. For the stunning finale the performer turns 360 degrees as they pull the broom completely through their body for a thunderous applause.

    The illusion is very versatile and boasts other performing applications, including thrusting the broom up through your body, or simply pulling the broom straight through your body in one solid motion without ever taking your hands off either end of the broom!


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