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Sandz By Jay Mattioli

Posted by Eddy Ray on November 7th, 2008


You have seen the greats perform this one…Doug Henning, Jonathan Pendragon, Luis DeMatos…and now you can too, FOR REAL! This piece of magic has been published in magic books and even sold in different variations and yet, at best, all you would receive is a few baggies of sand with some vague instructions.

For the first time, the classic Sands of the Desert routine (aka Hindu Sands) is being released to the magic community as a beautifully detailed, entire package with absolutley EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO PERFORM THE EFFECT! The effect is timeless and can be performed from 3 feet to 203 feet away from your audience. You may have been turned away from this effect in the past because of all the details and “things” needed to pull it off masterfully. THIS TIME, JAY HAS DONE ALL THE WORK FOR YOU AND IS SHARING HIS UNIQUE TIPS AND YEARS OF EXPERIENCE WITH YOU.


Card Fanning Magic

Posted by Eddy Ray on November 1st, 2008

Card Fanning Magic (World’s Greatest Magic)

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In a manipulation act, nothing elicits oohs and ahhs from an appreciative audience more than playing cards displayed in elaborate fans that change color, size and even magically divide seemingly at the magician’s will.

This DVD is an information tour de force on the arcane subject of creating elaborate fan displays using playing cards. First, master manipulator Alan Shaxon supplies all of the basic information you’ll need to know to get started, including the types of cards to use, their preparation, and the elementary techniques. Then, Jeff McBride, a modern master of card manipulation, goes into even more detail on the fine art of fanning playing cards. Finally, the godfather of street magic, Jeff Sheridan, adds some more touches and ideas to round out your education.


Two Faced by Richard Osterlind

Posted by Eddy Ray on September 30th, 2008

by Richard Osterlind

Two-Faced is an audience-tested utility prop that should find favor with magicians and mentalists alike. What could be better than an ordinary-looking object that can perform a multitude of magical changes?

Two-Faced is an innocent-looking folio-style photo frame, similar to what a professional photography studio would give you with your 8×10 portrait, with a heavy-duty construction that will last for years.


Winning Numbers By Paul Romhany

Posted by Eddy Ray on September 29th, 2008

Winning Numbers
The idea of predicting raffle ticket numbers, chosen at random by audience members, can be found in 13 Steps to Mentalism. However, the original method required an offstage assistant. For the past twenty years, Paul has been developing and performing his version of this amazing effect, without the need for an offstage assistant.

This one person routine is easy to perform, and like all of Paul’s work, is taken from real-world working situations. The method is highly practical, and so easy to perform, you can put this to your act straight away.

Paul explains THREE different versions of this routine that he has been performing on cruise ships, private functions and trade shows.

Additional tips are included by Wayne Rogers and TC Tahoe, both of whom have now added Winning Numbers to their own repertoire.


Wine – Oh , Wine To Light Bulb

Posted by Eddy Ray on September 28th, 2008

Wine – Oh
Sterlini Magic Mfg. is proud to present the next in our “Ultimate” series – “Wine – Oh!” The Ultimate Wine in Light Bulb.

A lamp is seen on stage, lit. A wine bottle and glass are displayed along with a menu from an elegant restaurant. The magician pours a drink into the glass which remains suspended in mid air. The wine is poured from the glass into the menu, the pages are opened and the wine has vanished.

At the exact moment the wine vanished, the light bulb went out. The magician walks to the lamp, removes the shade and finds the wine is now inside the light bulb. The bulb is unscrewed, the wine poured into a glass and the magician toasts his audience*


Optical Rope By Mark Mason And JB Magic

Posted by Eddy Ray on September 16th, 2008

Optical Ropes
by Mark Mason and JB Magic

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A 7 phase rope routine with just 3 lengths of white rope. Taught to you in every detail, now comes with an instructional dvd.

3 equal lengths of rope magically turn into two equal lengths. Then amazingly the 2 lengths turn into one long length. Next the one length of rope sprouts 4 ends, in the blink of an eye the one rope turns into 2 lengths of rope. Finally the 2 ropes turn back in to three equal lengths of rope. Exactly where you started.


Mentalists Pad (SMALL) By Jerry O’Connell

Posted by Eddy Ray on September 16th, 2008

Mentalist Pad (SMALL)
by Jerry O’Connell JOL

The O’Connell Mentalist Pad (125 x 75 mm) A pocket not case for the “Any number effect.” The best you can get. Three or more people in your audience write a number on the Mentalist Pad (specify how many digits) Another person is asked to add up the numbers and call out the total. The total will be the same as your prediction, present as you wish.

Availability: All Major Dealers

Price: $50

ScanTastic By Larry Becker And Lee Earle

Posted by Eddy Ray on September 9th, 2008

by Larry Becker and Lee Earle

“For over a hundred years,” you tell your participants, “fingerprints have been a reliable method for making a 100% accurate identification. Now they’re called ‘biometrics’ and are used to cash checks, open doors, and even to protect data on cell phones and personal computers.”

As you riffle through a shuffled deck, a participant is asked say “Stop” at any time. When he does, the deck is broken at that point and the upper half lifted so only he can see the card on the face of the upper block of cards.


Third Eye By Andrew Mayne

Posted by Eddy Ray on September 3rd, 2008

Third Eye
by Andrew Mayne

What is the Third Eye?
The Third Eye is an impromptu system for revealing a thought of image. It uses no gimmicks or prepared props. The only thing you’ll need is a magazine. There’s no preparation beforehand.

Where can I use it?
Anywhere. It works close-up one-on-one and it works on stage. It can even be performed over the phone.

Does it involve pre-show work?
No. Everything happens in the performance. However, it’s a great pre-show way to have an image already selected.

Is it difficult to do?
Several methods are shown. All are straightforward.

Pages 16 – Saddle Stitched (8 1/2″ x 11″ Card Stock Glossy Cover, Photo Illustrated)

Availability: All Major Dealers

Price: $15

Bill To Impossible Location

Posted by Eddy Ray on August 21st, 2008

Bill To Impossible Location

The magician borrows a bill from a spectator and the serial number is noted for future reference. The bill then mysteriously vanishes only to be found in another spectators wallet, a cash register, a sealed envelope across the room, a sealed box, can, or anywhere else you can imagine. The bill who’s serial number they themselves write down is the one that is used.


Price: $59.95

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