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Dark Light By Stephane Jardonnet

Posted by Eddy Ray on May 20th, 2009

Dark Light by Stephane Jardonnet

Even though it looks like an ordinary light bulb, welcome to the latest technology available. This is probably the most advanced technological trick I have ever put on the market. Almost three years in the making, in design, to come with a product that will be hard to improve.

Dark light is a remote controlled light bulb, self contained. A single press on the remote control will allow you to switch the light on and off, no matter how close or how far you are from it.

Imagine the possibilities : Paranormal experiments such as Ouija board or spirit seances, lie detector, pranks for TV or hidden camera shows where the light bulb only works out of its socket, and so forth. You can have the light bulb on a real lamp, cut the cord and yet, the bulb is still on. Touch the cut cord, and the light switches off. Have a spectator touch the cord, the light is back. You can fan a deck of cards and have the light bulb switch on in the spectator’s hand. These are just a few ideas. You are only limited by your imagination. This is a perfect tool you can use for any mentalism act.


Ghost Card Frame By Mikame

Posted by Eddy Ray on February 23rd, 2009

Ghost Card Frame By Mikame


A chosen card is placed into the GHOST CARD FRAME, and the entire frame is covered with a silk. The silk is then removed to reveal the card has vanished. Magician reaches into his pocket and reveals the chosen card and puts it back into the frame. It is covered once more by the silk. The silk is then removed and the frame reveals another card. The magician asks if the card is indeed the chosen card. The audience states it is not and the magician hastily covers the frame with the silk. The silk is then removed to reveal the chosen card.


Longhi Book Test By Olivier Longhi

Posted by Eddy Ray on February 18th, 2009

Longhi Book Test
by Olivier Longhi

This is not just another book test. Lots of effects can be performed with just this book alone.

Each book is hand made with over two hours of labor carefully put into each and every one of them. Made of high quality material, this book is designed to last.

Four effects are fully described, but the instructions explain another 15 more effects or ideas that can be added. If you are familiar with book tests, you’ll understand how powerful this one is, and the potential the principle hides. Here are some of those effects :

1st Effect :

The spectator rolls a couple of dices on the table, add the faces to obtain a number. Then, he opens a book, freely anywhere he wants, et memorizes the sentence on the row that matches his number. The magician focuses a few seconds, and start writing on his board. The spectator reads the sentence out loud, and as the magician shows his board, you will realize that it’s a match.


Bicycle ESP Test Deck With DVD

Posted by Eddy Ray on February 6th, 2009

Bicycle ESP Test Deck With DVD

Welcome to Extrasensory Perception using the ESP Test Deck. On this DVD you will learn the most amazing ESP effects and routines. Accomplished Mentalist, Rudy T. Hunter, along with Marty Grams will teach you step-by-step everything you need to know about using the ESP Test Deck. This deck will enable you to perform mentalism, parapsychology, and even magic tricks!

Full 56 Card Deck containing:
2 Black Full Sets of Five Standard Cards
(circle, cross, wavy lines, square, star)


Magic Of The Pendragons DVD Set

Posted by Eddy Ray on January 20th, 2009

Magic Of The Pendragons DVD Set

Stage illusionists historically have been extremely secretive about their craft. Not just about the secrets to the illusions themselves—the mechanics are just a small part—but about the real secrets of what turns a stage illusion into a breathtaking moment of pure magic.

Now, for the first time ever on video, Jonathan and Charlotte Pendragon, the “First Couple” of magic and perhaps the greatest exponents of grand illusion ever to grace a stage, lift away the veil and show you the real secrets of stage illusion —the insider information that could only be gained by performing in over 50 countries for the last quarter of a century.

This four-volume DVD set will be fascinating for all who love magic. However, for those who actually perform—or aspire to perform—grand illusion, they’re absolutely priceless.


Confessions Of A Needle Swallower By Steve Spill

Posted by Eddy Ray on January 8th, 2009

Confessions of a Needle Swallower
by Steve Spill

For over 25 years Steve Spill has been amazing audiences worldwide with his fantastic version of the classic Needle Swallowing act. The act is without question the definitive routine for the discerning performer. It’s got it all!

First, the method is easy to do so that anybody can do it. This allows the performer to concentrate on their performance. but hidden inside of the method is a diabolical strategy that has fooled audiences for decades.


Insta-Magician Vanishing ‘SHELL FOAM!’

Posted by Eddy Ray on January 6th, 2009

Insta-Magician Vanishing ‘SHELL FOAM!’

With special thanks to Robert Haas of Magic Enhancer, Max is proud to introduce the new “Insta-Magician Vanishing ‘Shell Foam!”  The Vanishing Bandana has become a classic of magic.  Here is a completely updated presentation of that wonderful concept bringing it into the 21st Century!  You can now do a contemporary version with a cell phone of all things!

Effect: The magician explains that he just found a company that offers live on- the-go performance training.  He brought his first product with to show the audience how easy it is to learn magic.  He opens the box and pulls out the enclosed CD, places it in his CD player and hilarity ensues…The magician listens to the CD and follows the recorded instructions taking out the contents only to find to his dismay a handkerchief and a cell phone instead of what the CD says!The magician then much to his chagrin follows the CD instructions to the letter destroying the cell phone in the process and finally vanishing it.  The CD then explains that there is a gift for him to use if he has any questions and looks back into the box to find the product the CD was originally talking about under the flap!

Chess Gambit By Devin Knight And Al Mann

Posted by Eddy Ray on December 24th, 2008

Chess Gambit
by Devin Knight and Al Mann

The effect reads totally impossible, yet it is accurate in every regard. One of the most unique and baffling magical effects on stage today. Direct from Devin Knight’s own stage show and a limited release, this is based on a little known idea that Al Mann shared with Devin.

Devin’s original idea has been revised and improved upon to make it into a real visual showpiece. Read the effect and ponder how such a thing is possible:


Fanning Cards (4 Color) By Juliana Chen

Posted by Eddy Ray on December 16th, 2008

Fanning Cards (4 Color)
by Juliana Chen

World Champion Magician Juliana Chen brings these cards to you and allows you to perform beautiful card fanning and productions. Each card has brilliant colors on its back, so you will able to perform fantastic combinations when fanning it. These cards are beautifully made and are extra thin!

Availability: All Major Dealers

Price: $23

All Aluminum Suit Case Table

Posted by Eddy Ray on November 20th, 2008

All Aluminum Suit Case Table (BRUSHED Finish)
by Andy Amyx

Introducing the world’s first aluminum table for the stand-up performer!

This is the finest suitcase table available on the market today. Andy Amyx has used this table for years and now wants to share it with magic world. This will be the last suitcase table you will ever buy.

Frame made from 6105-T5 aluminum alloy extrusion providing ultimate tensile strength of 38,000 lbs./sq. in. and a yield strength of 35,000 lbs./sq. in. minimum


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