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Whacked Book Test By Mark Elsdon

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 25th, 2007

Whacked Book TestWhacked
by Mark Elsdon


The performer introduces a book, “Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure”, which he says he has enjoyed reading recently. After briefly explaining the concept of ‘Googlewhacking’, he passes the book to a member of the audience, who looks through the book and eventually decides on one of the ‘Googlewhacks’. After some typically funny byplay and a couple of false starts, the performer gets serious and tries a proper test. He detects subtle inflections in the participant is allowed to keep the book as a gift and a souvenir.

So what exactly is ‘Whacked!’? It is a 10 minute mind-reading routine which revolves around Dave Gorman’s best-selling book “Googlewhack Adventure”. If you’ve no idea what that is, you can bring yourself up to speed by heading over to


25 Bloom Botania

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 20th, 2007

25 Bloom Botania25 Bloom Botania

(Red Flower, Yellow Center, 25 Bloom)

A feather flower botania. Simly lift off the cover and out springs 25 full and colorful blooms!

Complete with instructions and an extra flower that can be used as part of your routine.

Unfinished Dimensions Approximately 16″ x 7″ (40.64cm x 17.78cm)

Finished Dimensions Approximately 25″x25″ (63.5cm x 63.5cm)

Availability: All Major Dealers

Price: $650.00 

Instant Rose Creation

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 19th, 2007

Instant Rose Creation
Instant Rose Creation

by Visual Magic

The magician is seen holding a bare rose stem. He also has some pedals from a rose and it appears that he is attempting to repair the rose. After a few failed attempts the magician gets frustrated and throws the rose pedals up in the air. At that instant a rose head appears on the stem of the rose. An Instant Rose Creation!

Item comes with a package of synthetic rose pedals.

Availability: All Major Dealers

Price: $30.00

Fire Flight – The Ultimate Ring Flight Illusion

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 14th, 2007

Fire Flight – Peter LoughranFire Flight

The Ultimate Ring Flight Illusion

Effect: The performer invites a spectator up to help him tell the story of the ancient legend of the Phoenix. A small ceramic plate is introduced and placed in front of the spectator on the table. The performer asks to borrow a ring from the spectator. With empty hands the performer introduces a piece of tissue paper and cleanly and openly folds the tissue paper around the spectators ring in open view. The tissue paper now containing the borrowed ring is set onto to the ceramic plate. The performer instructs the spectator to cover the tissue paper and their ring with both hands to make sure nothing enters or is taken away from the plate.


Ultimate CD Trick With Manuscript

Posted by Eddy Ray on March 7th, 2007

Ultimate CD by Eddy Ray

Ultimate CD
World Class manipulator Eddy Ray presents a highly visual manipulative illusion. The Ultimate CD gimmick is here to enhance your magic act! Can be learned in just minutes and the possibilities are endless.

You can vanish a CD into thin air! No elastic pulls are used. You will learn: The Ultimate Vanish, The Ultimate Appearance, CD to Silk Transformation. Detailed instructions and gimmick provided.

Availability: All Major Dealers or Direct from Eddy Ray

Price: $14.95

Taste Conditions – Morgan Strebler

Posted by Eddy Ray on February 28th, 2007

Taste ConditionsTaste Conditions

by Morgan Strebler

IT’S FINALLY HERE!! This mesmerizing and innovative effect is actually simple, but the psychological impact is dramatic! As you begin, have a spectator open a new bottle of water and take a drink. Then, you transform the water to mouthwash INSIDE of their mouth! At the end of the routine, the spectator spits the mouthwash into a clear glass for all to see!! Seeing is believing!!

Add Taste Conditions To Your Performance Collection Today!


Beer Bottle Gizmo

Posted by Eddy Ray on February 27th, 2007

Beer Bottle GizmoBeer Bottle Gizmo
by Fabric Manipulation

A Fabric Manipulation Original!

The Beer Bottle Gizmo is a small device created by Lynetta Welch for secretly holding a beer, soda or water bottle (Perrier type) for production. Show a silk, or borrow a napkin and instantly produce a bottle from underneath; then hand the items out for a complete and unrestricted examination. Simply the cleanest and easiest bottle production ever!

The Beer Bottle Gizmo measures approx. 3″ long x 1″ wide, it is quite small; all bulky bags and pockets are eliminated.

Availability: Fabric Manipulation

Price: $25

Endless Rose By Horace Ng

Posted by Eddy Ray on February 24th, 2007

Endless Rose By Horace NgEndless Rose

Props and DVD included

This brilliant rose magic effect is created by Horace Ng. Imagine that you come on stage and pick up a full sized red rose. No matter how many times you pluck the rose away, the rose keeps reappearing on the stem again and again. Dramatically, the rose changes its color as a climax! The gimmicks are well-made, you can perform this trick almost every circumstances from close-up to stage.

Beautiful and elegant! Very easy to do and it looks like a real rose!

The Endless Rose Box Set includes:

  • An Endless Rose Gimmick (3 x Gimmick Rose, 1 x Gimmick Stem)
  • 5 Normal Full Sized Rose (No Gimmick)
  • A quality and clearly explained instructional DVD


Availability: All Major Dealers

Price: $45

iTricks New Tricks Bulletin: 2.19.07

Posted by Editor on February 21st, 2007

The iTricks New Tricks Bulletin is compiled by Derek Merdinyan. Send any listings for your new effects to for inclusion


Even without being told, from reading the description alone, you should just know, this is a Paul Harris effect.

Ladybug is simple, stab your finger, bleed a bit, and then, with your otherworldly powers, bring the blood to life – specifically, you change it into a real live ladybug.

Availability: All Major Dealers
Price: $100


Richard Sander’s worker’s solution to the Ring on Shoelace plot. It sounds like everything you have wanted in a ring flight: Angle proof, no reset, no duplicates or reels.

Availability: Available at and All Major Dealers
Price: $60

Paint Surprise Devin Knight’s Paint Surprise!

Definitely a new effect. Devin Knight raises the bar again when a borrowed ring transposes with the ball bearing inside of a can of spray paint. The easiest way to get the ring out is to spray it out through the nozzle on an index card. The card is folded into quarters and visually inflates – the ink changes to the ring!

Availability: Pre-Order @ Most Major Dealers (Available at the end of February)
Price: $70

Iced Over

Pour water into your clean hands, blow = ice? Enter your new X-Men-like ability. Sounds like the real deal, you can actually use the ice in your drink. What’s more, it can be performed in a walkaround environment, it’s repeatable, and “extremely impromptu.”

Availability: All Major Dealers

Click after the jump for effects by Morgan Strebler, Vernet, Dave Forrest and much more…

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