Sharp Money By Ben Williams

Sharp Money By Ben Williams


Sharp Money is Ben Williams’ take on the signed note or bill to impossible location.

A spectator signs their note and the pen stays in view the whole time, the spectator can even hold onto it. The magician then rolls the note up and performs a series of vanishes and reproductions with the note before completely vanishing their signed note.

After some by play the magician takes the pen back from the spectator and draws attention to it. He works the pen back and forth detaching the base of the pen from the tip exposing where the ink cartridge is. However, now INSIDE the pen where the ink cartridge should be there is a rolled up note! This is never touched by the magician and it is handed to the spectator, the spectator takes the rolled up note out themselves and unroll it to find it does indeed have their signature. A true impossibility that questions the laws of time and space!

If you are a professional magician that understands the details of resetting effects between tables or pocket management think how nice it would be to have a money effect that works with the spectator’s money, resets instantly, has a onetime prep and takes up practically no pocket space! This is what you get with Sharp Money, you won’t have to reset your envelopes and wallets or get yourself and spectator’s money covered in lemon juice!! Start performing a practical signed note to impossible location that gets huge reactions!

Points to remember:
•The pen stays in view throughout the routine, it can even be held onto by the spectator.
•The spectator can remove the signed note themselves, yes it really is their note inside!
•Everything is fully examinable.
•No difficult gimmicks to make or handy work needed.
•A one time set up and you are ready to perform time and time again with no extra prep needed.
•If you’re the sort of magician that always carries Sharpies then the routine is basically impromptu!
•Instant reset.
•Perfect for table hopping, walk around, social situations, it even plays big on stage or in a parlor setting.

Also included:
Sharp Card – a signed playing card appears inside the Sharpie.
Different handlings for ALL skill levels.
54 colour photos showing everything in detail.
16 pages – 8.5″ x 11″

Availability: All Major Dealers
Price: $23.00

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