Villain By Kevin Parker

Villain by Kevin Parker

Kevin Parker has created an impromptu ring flight that uses no reels, devices, long sleeves or clothing requirements, weird angles, pulls, or any hook-up that carries the ring to your keyring; it uses no gimmicks whatsoever and is a ring-flight you can do anywhere you go without having to bring anything special with you. The vanish is a miracle in itself in that not only are you not standing at weird angles or holding the ring close to you, but it completely disappears in a loose casual manner away from your body, without going up any sleeves, and leaves both hands completely empty. Then, without any additional moves, magician simply pulls his keys out of his pocket and there’s the ring visibly and clearly hanging from his keyring. That is THEIR ring, not a second ring preloaded on the keyring. You remove the ring and give it back, along with the keys, and there’s absolutely nothing to find.

Availability: All Major Dealers
Price: $19.95

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