ALONE By Matthew Johnson and Christopher Taylor

ALONE By Matthew Johnson and Christopher Taylor

From the creative minds of Matthew Johnson and Christopher Taylor comes a device so devious that it will change the way you do mentalism forever. The world of mentalism is about to change. Get ready to open the gateway to the human mind, get ready to experience ALONE!

Its power is in its simplicity. The device is right there in front of the spectator but it looks so ordinary that they will never suspect a thing.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with ALONE:
-Repeatedly locate a hidden object in a spectator’s hands while wearing short sleeves!
-Find a hidden object anywhere in a room without the use of a confederate!
-Name a playing card that a spectator simply thinks of!
-Psychically solve a crime with weapons, victims and locations that the spectator has in their mind!
-Be able to tell how many times a tossed borrowed coin lands on heads or tails and predict the date on the coin before it was ever borrowed!

ALONE is an incredible electronic device built by Taylor Imagineering and comes with a fully comprehensive instructional DVD, the device, batteries and everything you need to get started right out of the box.

Price: $300.00

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