BLOON By MagicSmith

BLOON By MagicSmith

Bloon allows you to burst a balloon using psychic energy – and you’re nowhere near it! You know the exact moment it will pop – and you’ll get all the credit for popping it.

Start by pulling out a little box of balloons – like something you bought at the 99 cent store. Have the spectator choose any color. Blow it up and place it on the table – you never touch the balloon again. Step away – as far as you like. Now at any moment, AND at your command, the balloon pops!

The amazing invisible electronic gizmo does it all. Use it in conjunction with your favorite effects:
* Use your psychic energy to pop it!
* The balloon pops as you’re dealing cards – the next card is their selection!
* Touch the spectator’s finger to complete a circle of electricity – the balloon pops!
* Comes with Bloon box and complete directions. Works with any balloons.

Availability: All Major Dealers
Price: $80.00

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