Peter Loughran Presents Scott Emo’s Sacred

Peter Loughran presents Scott Emo’s Sacred – The Child Conjuring Illusion

Produce a child out of thin air with no boxes of any kind!
The performer calmly walks onto the stage. In one hand he carries a folding chair. The other hand holds a large curtain suspended from a rod; this is propped up against his shoulder as he walks. The performer moves to the center of the stage and unfolds the chair in front of him.  He now drapes the curtain in front of the chair, but holds it just above the stage level, so the audience has a clear view underneath the chair. The magician raises the curtain high enough so that the entire chair is visible, and then lowers it so that the chair is once again covered for just a moment. Now in a startling climax, the curtain is dropped, revealing a child standing on what was just an empty chair!

About Sacred:
This effect is both baffling and stunning for an audience to witness. The sudden production will shock your audience, as it is the last thing they will expect. Although Sacred cannot be performed surrounded, it does offer incredible viewing angles that are perfect for a wide variety of performance situations. Sacred uses a very unique load system that will both hide and deliver your child production with devastating reactions! Using principles of physics, the system is designed to ingeniously incorporate the body’s natural ergonomics, and allows you to hide a small child, yet move and appear unencumbered. The system is easy to use, and incredibly deceptive.
Sacred uses no black art, no fake hands, no traps, and no loads from the back curtain or stage.  The special design of the system requires no abnormal or special physical attributes to perform. You can perform Sacred inside or out and there is no special lighting required. You can use Sacred to produce a child from thin air, have them appear atop a folded chair; make them materialize onto a table, use it to create a Shadow Box illusion without the box or simply produce a child out in street in broad daylight!

Not only can Sacred be used as a startling illusion on stage but with just a few minutes of prep work, imagine being able to tell your party event clients that you can produce the birthday party celebrant in the show and you don’t even have to bring any boxes to do it! An effect that will help set you apart from your competition!

Sacred only takes a couple of minutes to load. It is compact, lightweight, and can be easily cleaned up along with the curtain at the end of the routine, so that you can quickly continue with the rest of your show.

Availability: Master of Illusions

Price: $99

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