Metamorphosis By Wayne Dobson And Mark Mason

Metamorphosis (With Gimmicks) by Wayne Dobson and Mark Mason

The east meets the west

From J B Magic comes a super clean super visual 2 coin transposition. 2 coins, 1 chinese and 1 half dollar are examined by the spectator. The chinese coin is placed inside the spectators closed hands and the half dollar onto the back of their hand. In the blink of an eye the 2 coins change places. Without any switches etc the 2 coins can instantly once again be examined.

Comes complete with all coins, a prcecision made gaff. A step by step instructional dvd teaches you everything you need to know and extra bonus handlings.

Easy to do, perfect for strolling, intanst reset, learn in 10 mins.

Running Time Approximately 45 mins

Availability: All Major Dealers

Price: $50

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