A Poker Story By Max Krause

A Poker Story By Max Krause

The magician tells a story about the time he found himself playing poker with three very unusual characters, a counterfeiter, a card cheat and a con artist.  The game was only played with a deck of five cards.  The only way you could play was to cheat.    As the magician tells the story the hands continue to get progressively bigger as he continues to only show five cards even though he is discarding handfuls at a time they continue to appear out of nowhere.  Finishing with an appropriate climax sure to entertain the poker lover in all of us!

This wonderful routine comes complete with a handmade set of Bicycle playing cards and instructional DVD including a surprise knockout finish they will never see coming and is very easy to do!  There is very little sleight of hand. The cards do most of the work for you.  You may choose red or blue Bicycle stock.  This is also available in Jumbo Piatnik cardstock in red or blue.

Availability: Innovative Deceptions

Price: $35

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