Boxing Ring Round 2: Undefeated

Boxing Ring Round 2: Undefeated

Boxing Ring Round 2: Undefeated

Round two! Boxing Ring is armed with my all-new bonus Uppercut instructions! Pure visual impact that lands a fatal blow. Killer displays of eye candy produce the audience reactions you crave and the numbing suspension of disbelief spins a fantasy of impossible magic!

The borrowed ring is placed inside a ring box bound with a long silk cord. A second silk cord is used to conjure the ring as it mystically appears linked on the string. The ring vanishes, appears, and penetrates the silk several times. But suddenly the ring vanishes! The spectator unties the box to reveal the ring still safely inside!

• Now with bonus pocket-free handling!
• Perfect for restaurant work, my venue of choice!
• I’ll have you doing magic you didn’t think possible!
• It won’t be knocked out of the ring this century!

Get these folks some medical attention and take their ring-side seat! Without even the slightest tradeoff, the moves naturally angle the dirty work out of view. Plus, you’re not that dirty in the first place. I cut the fat and became lean over the years!

My all-new instructions guide you through the whole routine step by step. The special silk cords are gimmicked, but inspectable without switches, magnets, or clasps. Their secret is so diabolically convenient; you will find ways to use them for other tricks almost immediately!

Boxing Ring is made in The Magic Depot workshop by Christopher Marley. He manufactures each one to my strict design specs so you can handle the box without exposing its devious construction. Reinforced hinges ensure a durable prop, backed by my own personal guarantee.

Only 300 Boxing Ring Undefeated will be available this month. The first edition sold out on opening day, and these will go fast too! Because supplies are so limited, I am offering a one-week preorder. Reserve yours right now!et.

Availability: Magic Depot Exclusive

Price: $39.95

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