Signed and Sealed X2

Hover Card by Dan Harlan
Signed and Sealed X2

A Ziploc bag is closed and placed on your palm. A borrowed coin is signed and placed on top of the bag on top of your hand. The coin visibly penetrates the still sealed bag! Is it really inside? Really! And you never touched it! Really!

You offer to repeat the effect, but this time you perform it with a little more flair: the coin is positively identified and simply by tossing it towards the bag, it visibly penetrates it again! Is it really inside? Really!
Only one coin is used.
Only one Ziploc bag is used.
The coin is signed!
The coin is really inside the Ziploc Bag at the end of both performances!
No difficult sleight of hand necessary!
Almost completely self-working!
A guaranteed head-scratcher!

Availability: All Major Dealers

Price: $19.95

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