iTricks New Tricks Bulletin: 2.19.07

The iTricks New Tricks Bulletin is compiled by Derek Merdinyan. Send any listings for your new effects to for inclusion


Even without being told, from reading the description alone, you should just know, this is a Paul Harris effect.

Ladybug is simple, stab your finger, bleed a bit, and then, with your otherworldly powers, bring the blood to life – specifically, you change it into a real live ladybug.

Availability: All Major Dealers
Price: $100


Richard Sander’s worker’s solution to the Ring on Shoelace plot. It sounds like everything you have wanted in a ring flight: Angle proof, no reset, no duplicates or reels.

Availability: Available at and All Major Dealers
Price: $60

Paint Surprise Devin Knight’s Paint Surprise!

Definitely a new effect. Devin Knight raises the bar again when a borrowed ring transposes with the ball bearing inside of a can of spray paint. The easiest way to get the ring out is to spray it out through the nozzle on an index card. The card is folded into quarters and visually inflates – the ink changes to the ring!

Availability: Pre-Order @ Most Major Dealers (Available at the end of February)
Price: $70

Iced Over

Pour water into your clean hands, blow = ice? Enter your new X-Men-like ability. Sounds like the real deal, you can actually use the ice in your drink. What’s more, it can be performed in a walkaround environment, it’s repeatable, and “extremely impromptu.”

Availability: All Major Dealers

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David Forrest’s Card Through Window is finally here. A selected card vanishes from the deck and appears taped to a window. Wave a fan (of cards) over the taped card and it vanishes… or maybe… maybe it’s just on the other side of the window.

Availability: All Major Dealers
Price: $30

Multiplying Soap BubblesMultiplying Soap Bubbles – Vernet
Manipulators rejoice, Vernet delivers a long overdue set of affordable Multiplying Soap Bubbles; best of all, they won’t break if dropped!

Availability: All Major Dealers
Price: $18

The Orange Tree

Three oranges visually grow on a drawing of an orange tree. The notepad is closed up and three oranges fall out.

Availability: Most Dealers
Price: $295

Taste Conditions

Here’s one more from the man that brought you SPUN and Liquid Metal. A spectator opens a new bottle of water and take a drink. Then, the water changes into mouthwash INSIDE THEIR MOUTH! The spectator can then spit out the mouthwash for all to see.

Availability: Available at Pre-Order for March 1st release
Price: $24.95 + Shipping

Porper Dice and Coin Paddles

Two brand new Porper paddles, one involves an impossible hole, the other will simplify your two-die routines.

Availability:Available at And All Major Dealers
Price: $64 each

The iTricks New Tricks Bulletin is compiled by Derek Merdinyan. Send any listings for your new effects to for inclusion

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