Cesaral Melting Point Reloaded

This DVD is fully packed with clear explanations on how to boost your magic using the CMP gimmick. Improve your work and make your effects more magical.

Fool layman and magicians alike with already existing tricks, just by applying these superb secrets.

Included are:

Coin Through Handkerchief

Coin Changes: In the table and in the hand

Mystery Thumbtacks: A matrix that can be done vertically!

Cups&Balls: New vanishes and moves

Window Fantasy: Coin Through a window

Card Changes: Machines Gun Aces reverse Elevator Aces2Queens

The Card Predator: A devilish add-on gimmick

Violent Pass: Another way to make the coin penetrate

Ultra Matrix: Visually clean matrix

Coin-Up: The coin goes up and then down!

A Simple Coin Vanish

Cesaral Coin Load: A new handling

Loading The Gimmick: Four useful ways

Running Time Approximately 49min

Availability: All Major Dealers

Price: $35

One Response to “Cesaral Melting Point Reloaded”

I already own the first melting point and have to agree that this second release is great. It gives you so many different applications and tricks that you will astounding people in minutes, with little or no skill!!!


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