Spirit Photo


This effect will scare the heck out of your friends and make them think that you've used their iPhone to take a picture of a ghost of a dead president.


1. Tell your friend that you found a new software filter for the iPhone that's supposed to show ghosts

2. Borrow their iPhone.

3. Go to iphonetrick.com.

4. Click on "Spirit Photo".

5. Click on "Start" (above these directions).

6. Explain that it works best with photos of dead people. Ask them to pull out a bill. Pay attention to the denomination.

7. Click through the "Install".

8. At the shutter screen click on the upper left corner if they pulled out a $1, the upper right if it's a $5, the lower right if it's a $10 or the lower left if it's a $20.


10. Touch the image until a pop-up asks you if you want to save the image. Save the president. (This puts the image into the photo album on the iPhone).

11. Close the browser window and go to the camera application.

12. Aim the camera at the bill right on the president's head.

13. Press the photo album button instead of the camera button.

14. Tilt the iPhone screen towards your friend right after you do this so they see the shutter snap.

15. Hand the iPhone back to them screen side down.

16. Tell them to take a look at the photo you just took.

17. Laugh like a maniac.

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