by Andrew Mayne


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M A G I C   E F F E C T S

Spirit Photography
Convince your friends their iPhone is haunted!

[Watch the how-to video]

S C R E E N   P R A N K S

*Damaged Beyond All Repaired*
freak out iPhone owners (available directly at www.TheiPhoneHack.com)
Mixed-up icons
mess up the home screen icons
Blurry screen
make the buttons blurry
Reversed icons
reverse the icons
invert the home screen colors
Missing icons
lose some of the home screen icons
Frozen screen
make it look like the iPhone has frozen
Big Steve
place steve's image behind the screen
X-Ray view
see inside the iphone
Hole in the screen
burn through the screen
iPhone Bug
make it look like the iphone has a bug
mess up the screen with fingerprints
smash the touch screen

F U N   S T U F F

iPhone Ouija Board
pinch, zoom & channel the spirits of the dead and when you're ready for an answer tap the board
Spinning Hypno-Spiral
stare closely and watch as it spins away your inhibitions
Zooming Hypno Spiral
pinch, zoom & spin your friends into mindless zombies


iPhoneTrick is a way to mess with someone else's iPhone or use your own to pull a prank.

All of the images are meant to be viewed in the portrait mode.

To create a more elaborate prank on someone's iPhone, try "Damaged Beyond All Repair". By tapping the screen the iPhone will cycle through a series of progressively worsening scenarios from the buttons getting blurry to you making a hole right through it.


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