Andrew Mayne presents Spooky fun with iChat

To create these images I used a quartz filter called "HoloGit" by elbows as posted on MacRumors, last seen here:
It worked fine using iChat in Leopard on my 2.8 GHz iMac

This is what it looks like to have your soul ripped out
(as a former Windows user I know what this is like).

This what it looks like to literally be bored to death...

How to...

If you activate the effect and then hold real still when it asks you to step out the frame, you can make your friends think they're in some twisted Japanese horror movie (minus Sarah Michelle Geller). If you spread some blood around your apartment and leave town for a couple weeks it'll really complete the gag. Keeping showing up on instant messaging and insist you're still at home.

This is what happens when you step out frame and then burst back onto the screen. Great for talking to grandma.

In the middle of a really boring chat fake your own death and hold still as you activate the effect. Then climb out of your body. They'll get the point.

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