Barry and Stuarts Take My Breath Away

In this magic video, Barry and Stuart set up a game show called  "Take My Breath Away" where one of the contestants attempts to take an asthmatic Stuarts breath away, but all goes haywire when Stuart accidentally inhales his inhaler.

Ed Alonzo’s Freak magic

In this magic video, Ed Alonzo performs a few quick tricks.

Gum Magic

In this magic video, Hiro Sakai performs magic with some chewing gum.

Barry and Stuart The Magic Musical

In this magic video Barry and Stuart mix magic and music as a dad scolding his son. Warning there is a bit of harsh language and refrences to illegal substances.

Penn & Teller Card in Sandwich

Penn & Teller has James Randi choose a card and the boys make it appear in a sandwich Randi is eating. Also Teller coughs up a spider. From Penn & Tellers Invisible Thread.

David Blaine Eats A Snake

In this magic video, David Blaine eats a snake to help a boy get over his fear of snakes.

Derren Brown’s Nail In The Nose

In this magic video from "Something Wicked This Way Comes", Derren Brown hammers a nail into his nose.

Harry Anderson’s Needle Through Arm

In this magic video, Harry Anderson performs his classic needle through arm demonstration.

Tarko’s Cell Phone

In this magic video, (created by David Blaine Productions), "Tarko" destroys a cell phone, only to make it appear back again totally unharmed.

Penn and Teller’s fishy watch trick

In this magic video, Penn and Teller show Stephen Fry a trick using his watch.

Teller Explains Richiardi’s Saw Illusion

In this magic video, Teller explains why Richiardi's sawing in half effect was so powerful.

Ghost Vision

In this magic video you will see Andrew Maynes Ghost Vision performed on tv in Japan.

Criss Angel Talks About Believe

In this magic video you will hear and see Criss angel talk about his new Vegas show Believe.

Hiro Sakai

In this magic video you will see Hiro Sakai performing with some chinesse food and a bottle of water .

Brett Daniels Wohscigam

This magic video is a demo reel of Brett Daniels show called Wohscigam. This show looks really cool. Enjoy the demo.

Banachek promotional video

This magic video is a promotional video for mentalist Banachek who is now known for his work helping Criss Angel

Street Of Cards Trailer

This is the trailer for the magic documentary Street of Cards which tells the story of the 70th Annual Abbott's Magic Get Together.

Old School Amazing Johnathan

This magic video is a old school Amazing Johnathan at a comedy club.

Gut Buster Without Honor Or Humanity

Two kids perform Andrew Mayne's Gut Buster on YouTube.

Michael J Fitch As The Chav From G4′s Freaky

In this video, magician Michael J Fitch plays the Chav from G4's Freaky and performs some street magic with a single pence.